A Strategy Smart-Work and Consistency will help you crack IAS Exam; says Saurabh (AIR142; CSE 2015)

For a consistent campaigner, luck opened the door in his fourth attempt as Saurabh emerged successful in Civil Services Examination 2015. He secured 142nd rank.


Saurabh, B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee, has secured 142nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

This success came to him in his fourth attempt and he had chosen to go with Sociology as optional subject.

Initiating talks Saurabh begun with introduction to his family. He said, “My father is a retired Government employee and my mother is a housewife. I have two sisters; one is a teacher while other works in a Public Sector Bank."

He added, "A large credit to my success goes to my parents. Like every parent; especially my mother kept faith in me and kept me motivated in times of failure.”

As career in ‘Civil Service’ gives authority to change people’s lives directly, diversity of job profile it offers and lastly, in whichever area these Civil Servants are posted, they are placed at leadership and decision making position – these were a few factors that made him fall in pursuit.

Familiarizing aspirants with approach it necessitates, Saurabh said, “Civil Services Examination preparation calls for a strategy, smart work and consistency.  Gone are the days when one could complete the static part of syllabus and qualify in examination."SAURABH-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-142rd-rank-sociology

He said, “I didn’t have luck in first two attempts where I couldn’t clear Preliminary Examination. Then, in third attempt, I faced Interview stage but, was not lucky enough to find my name in the merit-list. Yet, I managed to remain upbeat and this positive attitude helped me crack this exam.”

The current pattern is highly application based and hence merely relying on rote memory won’t help. Though a large part of syllabus does require memorizing, one should think about issues in all dimensions such as political, social, economic and so on.

The dynamic nature of new syllabus and subsequent questions asked in Mains requires multi-dimensional approach.

Start preparing for Main Examination, Prelims will be automatically covered. But, at least 2 months before Prelims, start focusing on Prelims; practice as many tests as one can.

For Mains, extensive writing practice is a must.

For interview, Prepare DAF thoroughly and brush up current affairs and finally be honest and confident.

Since there is an element of unpredictability, one should be prepared with Plan B. It gives confidence in times when one is failing.

Candid in talks, Saurabh said, “I failed to qualify even Prelims in my first two attempts probably because of lack of preparation which in turn could be because of lack of hard work and proper guidance. Secondly, I have been working throughout my preparation and that too in shifts.”

Inspiring future aspirants, Saurabh said, “If I can qualify with a fairly decent rank, everybody with commitment and will power can and that too in first attempt itself.”

"Extensive writing practice, judicious use of internet and self belief were few things that helped me succeed", added Saurabh.

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