For working candidates, Perseverance is the only Key to Success in Civil Services Examination, Says R Vaithinathan (AIR 37; CSE 2015)

For a self-motivated doctor finding his way toward destination was not at all easy.

While preparing for Civil Services Examination this Puducherry boy R Vaithinathan was working and managed all in such a way that he cracked CSE 2015 in style and grabbed 37th rank.

No doubt, it took a little longer; but, after failing in last four attempts, he made a strong comeback and secured a rank that ensures post in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).


R Vaithinathan, a medico from the UT Puducherry, has secured the 37th rank in the Civil Services Examination 2015.

All was well with Vaithinathan till his sister cracked Civil Services Examination 2009 and got Indian Police Service.

For his family, this was the first point of contact with ‘Civil Services’.

With this success his attention shifted towards ‘Civil Services’ that it can be a prospective career option; before that he had never even thought about it.

Explaining how he got fascinated with ‘Civil Services’, Vaithinathan said, “During my internship I had been exposed to administrative glitches that we face on day-to-day basis in hospitals, health related problems faced by masses and unavailability of superior treatment for poor and down-trodden and due to many such social issues, my focus shifted from medicine to ‘Civil Services’.”

After completing MBBS from Vinayaga Mission Medical College, Karaikal in 2010 when he expressed his desire; this decision met with stiff resistance from his parents who wanted him to continue with medical profession.VAITHINATHAN-R-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-37th-rank-family

He said, “After all I was Gold medallist and they were envisioning my bright future in medicine. A question for that even I didn’t had answer that time was - Why to move from such a noble career to Administrative jobs when elder sister is already there in services?”

Somehow, I satisfied them with a promise that I will continue working with hospitals while preparing and to convince them I kept working while preparing.

I started moving alone on my path and my sister was my silent supporter.

I moved to Chennai and took a job that allows me to continue my preparation so, I joined a hospital as a junior resident where I was working and preparing.

I took up ward duties where I was expected to attend patients for 2-3 hours; then I could utilize time for preparation. In case, there was an emergency, I attended that and after half an hour or so after briefing, I used to be back with my studies.

Later, when I shifted to Delhi, somehow, I got an arrangement where I was to be there for 24 to 36 hours after that 2 days break; so, I was to work for 2 days a week and could utilize my free time for my preparation.

It was difficult, but, I had to somehow manage it. Due to divided focus, I had to wait quite long and took 5 attempts to crack it.

As the luck would have been, I couldn’t clear Preliminary Examination in first 2 attempts. But, as I understood the requirements and in the mean time learnt to manage time, I reached Interview stage next three attempts and the final one got me my desired goal with 37th rank in the merit-list in Civil Services Examination 2015.

I got quite never in my third attempt but, could not find my name in merit-list. I am a self-motivated person; I used to speak to myself everyday about what I am reading and what next. It was disappointing but, soon I regained confidence and commenced preparing for next attempt; but, when I missed the chance in last attempt (4th) I was completely devastated.

I made up my mind to quit as I had consumed 4 attempts and was also catching up with age. That was the first time my sister spoke to me and said don’t let a moment of defeat define your life’s outcome.

Her words sparked a new life and I took only a few minutes to bounce back and came out of this shock.

This time I really worked harder and did lot of answer-writing practice and emphasised more on my optional subject Sociology.

As things fall in place, when I found my name at 37th place, it was really satisfying. It was indeed a well-deserved victory that boosted my confidence as I could prove my decision.

Advice to future aspirants – This examination is fought on merits; it has a level-playing field and those who work hard and are focused, reach the desired destination.

Perseverance is the key!

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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