“One needs to stick around until you accomplish the Goal”, says Kshama Mishra (AIR 172; CSE 2015)

In her fourth attempt, Kshama Mishra has achieved success in Civil Services Examination 2015 and has grabbed 172th rank in the merit-list. She had kept her own subject Literature of Hindi Language as optional subject.


There are a few natural leaders who smile at adversities in life and with patience; passion and perseverance end up with the most impressive careers.

For a married girl managing life with services (DSP in UP Police), pursuing higher studies (currently doing PhD from Lucknow University) and preparing for Civil Services Examination simultaneously is not at all easy.

One such influencer is Kshama Mishra, a Post Graduate in Hindi literature has secured 172nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

It was her fourth attempt.

For Kshama, Career in ‘Civil Services’ was her childhood dream; the reason – “Because it gives the opportunity to make the lives of people better at a large scale.”Kshama-mishra-172nd-rank-LOKESH-MISHRA-ias-upsc-topper-cse-2015-44th-rank-with-parents

Her father is a bank manager in regional rural bank and mother is a house wife. Kshama is the eldest and her two brothers Yogesh Mishra (CSE 2013) and Lokesh Mishra (AIR 44; CSE 2015) and younger sister Madhvi Mishra (AIR 62; CSE 2014); all are in ‘Civil Services’.

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Her husband Sudhir Tripathi is also in Provincial Civil Service.

Recalling how this journey begun, Kshama said, “I got married 8 years ago and once my husband came to know that I am interested in ‘Civil Services’, he gave me the opportunity to pursue Civil Services Examination. He said that if I am really keen on it, I should not think, just do it and he supported me in every possible way.”

She kept her own subject Literature of Hindi Language as optional subject. However, she acknowledged that you should consider taking it only if you have genuine interest in the Literature of Hindi Language.

My brother Yogesh was our mentor in this journey. Consistent support and encouragement from my parents, brothers Yogesh and Lokesh, sister Madhvi and my husband Sudhir was special and crucial. They always stood by my side in my tough times.

It was my 4th attempt that helped me accomplish my goal. In previous attempts I could not make it to the list; but, in the meantime, I was selected in UP PCS as DSP in 2014.

When I asked her about their success Kshama said, "We all care and believe in each-other; this success is a product of Consistency, hard work and sacrifice; we have not inherited it."

Well-done Kshama; your success is truly inspiring especially for girls who just give up after falling two-three times in Civil Services Examination.

You have given a clear message that one needs to stick around until you accomplish the goal.

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