“It is indeed going to be a shorter time-period for accomplishing the task if one is really focused and dedicated”, says Khumanthem Diana Devi (AIR 24; CSE 2015)

In her second attempt a Manipuri girl, Khumanthem Diana Devi, has cleared Civil Services Examination 2015 and with 24th rank in her kitty, she is all set to start a promising career in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Being JRF, Diana had opportunity to pursue career in academics and had cracked Indian Forest Services Examination as well, but career in esteemed ‘Civil Services’ was her ultimate goal.


Khumanthem Diana Devi from Manipur has posted a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2015 by grabbing 24th rank.

Diana had completed Masters in Physics in 2014 and is a Gold medallist from Delhi University.

She had kept her own subject Physics as optional subject.

In her opinion Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is the best service where she could get all kinds of opportunities to do something meaningful for the society. That urge prompted her to put down JRF and other promising career opportunities available in academics.

For a short stint she worked as a guest lecturer at Miranda House (Delhi University).

Even, she succeeded in Indian Forest Services as well and secured 9th rank.KHUMANTHEM-DIANA-DEVI-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-physics

With a firm mind, she concentrated on her foray in to Civil Services Examination. She was in Delhi for quite some time for her education and for Civil Services Examination preparation.

This was her second attempt; in her first attempt she was not serious but, this time she accomplished the task in style.

 “It is all due to moral support from my family and the preparation plan is discovered by self with the help of various online platforms, magazines, and few coaching institutes”, Diana said.

Elaborating about her approach, Diana said, “I had a holistic strategy for all the parts of the Civil Services Examination (Prelims, Mains and Personality Test) with focus on current events of national and international importance with the conventional parts covered alongside.”

Introducing herself, Diana said, “I am forth of the five siblings and I have a big family which includes my mother, father, two elder brothers, an elder sister, me, a younger sister and two sisters-in-law.“

KHUMANTHEM-DIANA-DEVI-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-physics“My father is in the Indian Police Service (currently IGP, Manipur Police), my mother works as Statistical Investigator, Census Department, (Ministry of Home Affairs), one of my brother and both sisters and one Bhabhi are Doctors, other brother is an engineer working as General Manager in the State Secretariat” she added.

A candid Diana said, “My strong educational foundation has contributed significantly to my success. Other factors that can be taken in to account are consistency, hard work, discipline and perseverance.

Dealing with the issues majority of aspirants face while preparing for Civil Services Examination, Diana said, “I would advise the future aspirants to stay focused on the goal at least during the preparation time.  This is indeed going to be a shorter time-period for accomplishing the task if one is really focused and dedicated.”

“Be honest with self and stay self-motivated till the goal is achieved”, she added.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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