Be original. Whatever you read try to internalize and do lots of writing practice for success in Civil Services Exam; says Lokesh Mishra (AIR 44; CSE 2015)

Lokesh Mishra is the youngest among them 4 brothers and sisters who have made it to the ‘Civil Services’ in last three years. He has secured 44th rank in the prestigious Civil Services Examination 2015.


Lokesh Mishra, an engineer from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), has made his family proud by making it to coveted Indian Administrative Services (IAS) by grabbing 44th rank in the Civil Services Examination 2015. His eldest sister Kshama (AIR 172; CSE 2015) has also succeeded this year.

All four, two brothers (Yogesh and Lokesh) and two sisters (Kshama and Madhvi) have come into prestigious ‘Indian Civil Services’ and their saga will go into annals of Civil services Examination preparation and will keep on inspiring youngsters.


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When I opened conversation with inquisitiveness that all of them have accomplished something seems really difficult; if not impossible. Lokesh said, “We have grown together and all are good at academics. Career in ‘Civil Services’ was our goal; it was not an individual goal when we were looking for career options and even, career progression; we all were able to read each others’ mind.”

He said, “Secret of our success is that our attention was totally focused on the task at hand.”

Candid in talks, Lokesh added, “We were on our way to success; Yogesh’s success in Civil Services Examination 2013 acted as catalyst.

Then, last year my sister Madhvi Mishra (AIR 62; CSE 2014) and I were preparing together and she cracked it in style. As a consolation I too, found my name in the reserve list; but, I was sure I will make it up this time.

Being am engineer, I knew cracking prelims is not that difficult and for Main Examination if I plan and study systematically, I will get through.

When I commenced preparation, change in Main Examination pattern boosted my confidence. One optional subject was pivotal for me; now, General Studies had more weightage and dependence on optional subject was reduced.

As such, my optional was sociology and I knew that for Sociology Paper II, lot of preparation is based on Newspaper reading. Moreover, my brother Yogesh had the same optional subject and he was there with me like a pillar.

Advice to future aspirants – “Prelims require proper preparation; I will say it again – it requires a Strategic preparation."

"While Preliminary Examination is more to do with practice, Main Examination is where your observation is at work. Bookish knowledge is irrelevant and Individual opinion matters a lot.”

“And last, for Interview all you need is to be honest. If you are able to overcome fear factor, you are bound to perform well and face the interview board confidently.”

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