“Civil Services offer the best opportunity to serve the society and make tangible change to it: says Shilpi (AIR 198; CSE 2015)

As soon as Shilpi completed graduation, she had many options open; but, her focus was on career in ‘Civil Services’.  Parents supported her decision and her brother was so confident that he said, “Shilpi, your selection is on cards”.


23 year old Shilpi, from Gurgaon (Haryana) has secured 198th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

A Mathematics graduate Shilpi from Delhi University (Sri Venkateswara College) has achieved this success in her second attempt.

She was really keen to pursue Civil services Examination preparation that is evident from the fact that she targeted first attempt immediately after completing graduation. She had shown faith in her own subject Mathematics by picked it as optional subject.

A confident looking Shilpi said, “I was sure of myself and my decisions.”

Clarity in thought reflects in her ideas about this services as she said, “Civil Services offer the best opportunity to serve the society and make tangible change to it while giving authority and resources to achieve the same. It catapults one to a high position at a young age as compared to other fields/jobs.”

Her father runs a pharmaceutical business in Gurgaon, mother is a homemaker and her brother is working with a private Bank.Shilpi-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-198th-rank

Sharing her success-story Shilpi said, “It has been my father’s dream and would like to mention that I think my brother is like a forge that moulded me and gave me a career in ‘Civil Services’.

Directing her gratitude Shilpi said, “I would like to dedicate this achievement to relentless support of my parents and brother and blessings of Almighty contributed the most in getting this success.”

With no one in family connected with ‘Civil Services’ I guess, getting right inputs at the right time was really crucial.

Answering my query from where she got the right advice on preparation plan, Shilpi said, “Initially, I got help from Khan Study Group for making a good-enough foundation and then I strategized with a friend who is also preparing for UPSC.”

“The focus was on making a suitable plan for ourselves with less dependence on others' strategies”, she added.

Accepting the unpredictable nature of Civil Services Examination, Shilpi said, “I identified myself with my strongest area – Mathematics as optional subject. While I was anticipating that in my success I will get maximum support (impetus) from it and surprisingly the biggest contribution came from my Interview that gave me 206 marks.

I would like to show gratefulness with a special mention to interview guidance by DC of Gurgaon because of which I got immense confidence for my interview that got reflected in my final scores.

To motivate future aspirants Shilpi said, “If you want to conquer this exam, make your own way. Never follow strategies of other people blindly. There are n-number of ways of clearing it, you need to explore what works for you”.


Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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