Meet a family where all Four - Two Brothers and Two Sisters have made it to ‘Civil Services’

An unusual Story about a family - four brothers and sisters – all of them cracked prestigious Civil Services Examination in a span of 3 years.

After the success of Yogesh Mishra who got selected in CSE 2013 in the reserve list; Madhvi Mishra (AIR 62; CSE 2014) whom I interviewed earlier and both her younger brother Lokesh Mishra (AIR 44; CSE 2015) and eldest sister Kshama Mishra (AIR 172; CSE 2015) have cracked Civil Services Examination 2015.

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In my long career spread over 3 decades tracking Civil Services Examination and interviewing IAS Toppers, sometimes I feel fortunate to be a part of celebrations with a family year after year.

This time I got opportunity from a family - four brothers and sisters – all of them cracked prestigious Civil Services Examination in a span of 3 years.

I am feeling privileged to talk about this family where all four brothers and sisters have shown passion and perserverance to make their mission meaningful and what else their proud parents Krishna Mishra and Anil Prakash Mishra can ask for in life.

One Sunday evening, after a long stretch of almost a month interviewing IAS 2015 toppers, I was out for dinner with my family when I got message from Madhvi Mishra (AIR 62; CSE 2014) whom I interviewed last year.

She shared the pleasant news that both her younger brother Lokesh (AIR 44) and eldest sister Kshama (AIR 172) have cracked Civil Services Examination 2015.kshama-mishra-upsc-topper-172nd rank-cse-2015

Kshama, Yogesh, Madhvi, and Lokesh all of them have made it to ‘Civil Services’ and have made these words in a popular saying true, ““You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

It is not the first time; I have had pleasure of such occasions earlier as well. Sometimes it is career progression, sometimes another success in family that gives me opportunity to revisit the family again.

Hearing such a nice and inspiring incident about success of Kshama and Lokesh was really exciting; though, I was enjoying with family; but, my mind was occupied with this amazing family with strong determination and each one of them aptly rewarded.

While coming back home, I recalled my last year’s conversation with Madhvi (she was the first whom I interviewed last year) and got reminded about her brother Yogesh Mishra who got selected in CSE 2013 in the reserve list.


Actually, last year when I contacted Madhvi, first I talked to Yogesh only; and later, I interviewed Madhvi.

Next morning, I couldn’t control myself and talked to Lokesh and after chatting for 15-20 minutes, I was amused to hear his story and the way he showed gratitude towards his elder brother Yogesh I can’t express my feeling in words.

It is really creditable as all of them born and brought up in rural surroundings, have carved their career in such a style and have set an example for others.

As a humble Madhvi puts in, “It is my brother Yogesh who guided me to the success; he steered me through each and every step of this examination.

Lokesh echoed her words and told while Madhvi had Economics as optional, I has gone a step ahead and kept optional subject that my elder brother Yogesh had, Sociology.

Be it Madhvi, Lokesh or Kshama’s success-story each one of them reflect passion, reverence, trust and illumination that helped them to reach their destination.

I sincerely hope the example this family has set would encourage many youngsters who are planning a foray into Civil Services Examination.

It is a classic example how a success in family changes the trajectory of career for all the family members and motivates them to perform.

Yogesh’s success has inscribed a magical imprint on Kshama, Madhvi and Lokesh that they could touch the pinnacle.

Well-done; it is really a proud moment.

All the best!

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