Civil Services Examination is a Mental-Game of Perseverance; says Lakshay Sharma (AIR 222; CSE 2015)

Lakshay Sharma from Chandigarh is just 25 year old and has been obsessive about career in ‘Civil Services’. In 4 attempts he has undertaken, out of these cracked Civil Services Examination 3 times. He has secured 222nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 with History as optional subject.


Sometimes people ask me about passion for prestigious Civil Services Examination’ how it works and in what way relentlessly candidates chase their dreams

One such example is Lakshay Sharma, an Engineer from Punjab University, Chandigarh who has secured 222nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2015

His father is an industrialist settled in Chandigarh and mother works in a school as a Vice Principal.

Taking account of the examination process and his experience, Lakshay said, “It was sheer luck that I got through the Civil Services Examination. I do not think one or two marks and the corresponding rank difference makes any difference in capabilities of the candidate.”

For success in Civil Services Examination, focus is the key. Wavering focus won't get anyone anywhere.

When anyone starts preparing for Civil Services Examination, he or she must know what he or she is signing up for. It is a mental game of perseverance, he added.LAKSHAY-SHARMA-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-222nd-rank-history-4th-attempt

Articulating the account of his endeavour, Lakshay said, “After identifying ‘Civil Services’ as career that allows me to make good use of my talents, my journey begun immediately after completing B Tech.

Reason why I was eager to commence preparation immediately after graduation – I felt I was really committed, passionate and enthusiastic about my foray in to Civil Services Examination, he said.

It all started after Lakshay graduated in 2012, he took first attempt CSE 2012; but could not clear Main Examination.

In CSE 2013, he dug up into the Reserve List and got DANIPS.

The next attempt, he got 438th Rank in CSE 2014 that saw IRS (Customs & Central Excise) tag attached to his name.

In this forth attempt, he secured 222nd rank and had consistently shown progress and has come close to his dream destination.

I kept heading towards the right career and left it to the luck where it would take me; but, each time I improved my rank and that is the most satisfying thing.

I have quite a few people who rendered support that include my family, teachers and friends.

Lakshay said, “I think what I have to tell is nothing exceptional; but, if someone is able to relate with me and take advantage, it would be highly satisfying.

His advice – “In this examination, failure shall come in mega doses. So persevere and be patient. Hard work will get rewarded eventually.“

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