"If I can clear Civil Services Examination, anyone can do it"; says Premsukh Delu (AIR 170; CSE 2015)

Coming from rural background and cracking the prestigious Civil Services Examination in second attempt shows his grit and determination. And what worked for him – Honesty and will to succeed.

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premsukh-delu-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-170th-rank-hindi-medium-history28 years old Premsukh Delu from Bikaner (Rajasthan), a Hindi medium candidate, has cornered 170th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

When I met him and greeted him on this brilliant success a jubilant Premsukh said, “When people say preparing for Civil Services Examination and success with Hindi medium is difficult; I thought, I have scarcity for resource, but, there is no restriction on dreaming…dreaming big.

For me there was nothing to lose; being on bottom of a pedestal there is no chance of falling off. But, I knew there is likelihood of making it big.

Saying that the success in Civil Services Examination is difficult for Hindi medium candidates is wrong; I appeared last year also; but, could not reach interview as I missed Main Examination by only a few marks. This time I was more vigilant about the shortcomings I spotted in my previous attempt and could get decent result.

I can say if I can clear this examination, anyone can do it.

If you will delve deep in to my background, you cannot even imagine about it. I lived in a village, studied in government school and my parents, my elder sister are illiterate.

I started learning English alphabets when I reach 6th standard. You can very well judge my English; and if I am not good at English, I don’t mind. But, at the same time I never allowed it to become some sort of hindrance in my growth-path.

For a big joint family, we had a small piece of land and only earning member is my elder brother working as Constable (Rajasthan Police). You can understand how much a constable salary is and maintaining a big family, fulfilling their needs and social obligations how difficult life would have been.

I have lived in village, did farming, looked after cattle; but, whenever got time utilized it for studies even when guarding the farms and grazing cattle. That is how life begun; I tell you - my brother is equally qualified; but, he sacrificed his career to look after family and what I am today, it is because of him only.

I had thought of career in ‘Civil Services’ while I was a child. I remember when I was in 10th, I was over exhorting myself, and my teacher gave me advice, “if you have to go far, take at least 6 hours sleep. Have patience you can achieve anything.”

He is not the only one, I have so many people in my life who wished for a bright career and were confident that I will make it big.

If you expect something big in life you need to be optimistic and if I will tell you about my career graph and progression I have made, you will be surprised. Each examination I appeared in, I cleared that and kept on achieving success one after other.

So, no hard feeling; no regrets; I feel, I am fortunate to have a family who cares for each other. What else you ask for?

The truth is, without pain there is no happiness. I have enjoyed the journey and have remained honest with myself that is my biggest asset. I have never carried dead weight from the past or emotional baggage that could hold me back.

People call me ray of hope for Hindi medium candidates; if it so then, you should look at my consistence in endeavor and work hard, have a clear cognizance, be honest and with positive outcome in mind, prepare well for this examination and emerge as a winner.

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