My father has been my idol and source of inspiration, says Anshul Kumar (AIR 293; CSE 2015)

Anshul Kumar, B.Tech. (Electrical Enginneering) from MNNIT, Allahabad has cracked the Civil Services Examination 2015 and has secured 293rd rank. He also got selected this year in Indian Forest Services (IFoS 2015).

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When you are moving on the right path and find the touch, success follows one after another and precisely this happened with Anshul Kumar whose successive forays; first, got selected in SSC Excise Inspector 2014, next fortified place in Indian Forest Service 2015 and later, achieved desired success in prestigious Civil Services Examination and has got 293rd rank in the merit-list.

Revealing his story and what how his father’s wish contributed the most in his success, Anshul said, “My native place is Kanpur (UP). My late grandfather was a farmer; still, he recognized the importance of education and worked hard to ensure my father is well-read. Even in the beginning, my father worked hard in farms; being educated he got a government job. He has been my idol and source of inspiration.”

“Since my childhood, my father wanted me to be in Indian Administrative Service (IAS) as he wanted me to fulfil his dream. Actually, my father had envisioned career in Civil Services for himself and wanted to be Collector. With power, prestige and Lal BattiGaadi, he wanted to serve masses but, he couldn’t.”

“My father taught me that investing in your growth is the best investment you can make. He gave me a goal and being aware of my capabilities he had confidence in me. I knew I can do it and was indulged in planning that could help me sail through. Sharing his success-plan Anshul said, “For success in Civil Services Examination you need right advice and a mentor.”

“A mentor or guide is important in every phase of life. At home it is your parents, in school your teacher and in job may be your colleagues or boss. Similarly, in Civil Services Examination preparation, you need a mentor who can guide you or seniors who had already passed the difficult phases which you will witness while preparing and by learning from their mistakes, can give your preparation the right direction.

I am really fortunate to have few friends and a mentor like Khan Sir (KSG) and value addition by magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan, Anshul acknowledged.

My father is working with UP Government (Labour Department, Ghaziabad) and my mother is a homemaker.Her love and care has nurtured me into a decent human being. I have a brother and a sister; both elder to me. I feel indebted for their love and encouragement, has helped me to strengthen my resolve to crack this exam.

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