I believe, Commerce Background Candidates score over others on ‘Sheer Guts'; says Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015)

A lot of Commerce background candidates shy away from Civil Services Examination and just give up without even giving it a try. Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015) has given solid reasons for success and how Commerce background candidates can chart out their strategies for Civil Services Examination.


Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015) has achieved splendid success in his first attempt and has done it with Commerce & Accountancy as optional subject.

When I talked about his performance and success-plan, Aayush said, “It was nothing but planning that worked for me. I gathered complete information about this examination, understood Exam-Plan and related requirements and worked out a strategy for my endeavour.”

“I feel if I am able to make it, anybody from commerce background can clear Civil Services Examination with courage and intelligent hard work” said Aayush.

He has suggested few tips that can help Commerce background candidates making their presence felt in Civil Services Examination.

For a Commerce background candidate cracking it in first attempt and even getting higher ranks is not difficult; you have to be little hopeful and have to plan your attempt.aayush-garg-ias-topper-1st-attempt-upsc-cse-2015

When I talk to people and see kind of apprehensions Commerce background candidates have, I find people are little scary about this examination and don’t show conviction as our counterparts from engineering, medical or even humanities background demonstrate in appearing in Civil Services Examination.

On the contrary, I believe commerce background candidates have an edge over others.

    • we are very familiar with concept of money and finance
    • have a better understanding of economy (Macro as well as Micro)

So that section of syllabus is easy to manage and understand it better.

Then, as we move on:

    • We are analytic and logical in talks
    • Have quick decision making power
    • We are argumentative
    • Have reasonably good writing skills

Next, element of polity and things relating to constitution and law

  • We are somehow familiar with these as part of our graduate or Chartered accountancy courses, company secretary or even financial professionals will have touched upon these.

At least we know how to read Law

That way, we are conversant with lot of General Studies Paper 2 and 3 syllabus.

As we have specific edge over other, what are the grounds that refrain commerce background candidate to fear about it.

Go and jump into it and show your capabilities.

"Being Chartered Accountant, I made it with self-help – half of the syllabus is what we have studied and to refine and restructure the syllabus, you can take help of a good coaching institute", adds Aayush.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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