“I was looking at a career that gives me satisfaction for another 35 years of professional life, says Ansul Agarwal (AIR 47; CSE 2015)

For an Engineer from IIT Mumbai, Anshul Agarwal journey towards career in ‘Civil Services’ has been as usual with lots of ups and downs. He has secured 47th rank in the merit-list.


Anshul Agarwal, son of a businessman in Kota has taken a big leap in career and has secured 47th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 that ensures him post in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Anshul completed B. Tech. from IIT (Mumbai) and started career with a job in Private Sector.

Commenting on his career progression, Anshul said, “When I was in job, I used to ponder life will not move like this; the whole time I spend in job; but, I felt my efficiency and productivity is not up to my potential . I realized it is not a life I would like to live for another 35 years of professional career.”

He said, “As I needed satisfaction at personal level and career growth as well – when I searched best possible alternative career option, ‘Civil Services’ emerged as ideal option. “

“Subconsciously, there was a feeling that I am capable enough to giving back to society then I thought why not think of IAS as career and I quit my job in 2013 and started preparing for it” he added.

I whole heatedly and with dedication began my preparation; but, fall relatively short of UPSC’s expectations in my first attempt. 

In my second attempt in Civil Services Examination 2014, I prepared each and every paper effectively and was not choosy.

I was moving along the path very well; but, in between fear cropped in – whether I will be able to do it or not. So, I aimed at I should find my name in the merit-list.

I got what probably I aimed for. I was able to make it to the list and in 2014 I got selected in IRS; but, it was classic case of mission unaccomplished.

Calling back the memories of the last attempt, Anshul said, “I commenced preparation with IAS in mind and landing at Indian Revenue Service (IRS- C&CE) was little upsetting inside. I knew, it is testing my patience and my inner voice said I am on my way to my destination.

Again, I started preparation for CSE 2015 with fresh energy and in my 3rd attempt I achieved that I was searching for. 

Journey was quite satisfying as usual with lots of ups and downs but, I didn’t waver.

Anshul’s advice to future aspirants for Civil Services Examination - “Set a ‘specific’ goal; and have a well-defined plan to achieve it.”

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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