‘Know thyself’ and find ways to work on your weakness and maintain your strengths, says Dr. Ravi Mittal (AIR 61; CSE 2015)

Dr. Ravi Mittal, thrilled with prospects success in Civil Services Examination offers, decided to go for an attempt as soon as he became eligible for it i.e. internship period in MBBS and achieved success in the first attempt.


A medico from Chandpur Siau (District Bijnor,UP) Dr. Ravi Mittal has cracked the prestigious Civil Services Examination 2015 in his first attempt.

He got 61st rank in the merit-list and achieved success with Medical Science as optional subject.

His parents are both doctors and after completing MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi in 2014, Ravi who got inspired by one of his seniors Dr. Aditya Prakash (CSE 2014) planned his foray in to Civil Services Examination.

Glad with his accomplishment Ravi said, “It was a well-planned choice and once I decided about my career destination, I committed to myself that my first attempt is the last attempt. I was so much passionate that as soon as I became eligible, I took first attempt.”

I knew the task in hand is not as easy as I am pledging; but, was sure that I am just ‘raising the bar’. I tell you as I received the pleasant news; I was filled with the ‘sense of relief’.RAVI-MITTAL-ias-topper-upsc-61st-rank-cse-2015

First step after venturing into it was to focus on syllabus and previous years question papers for better understanding of exam-process and grabbing relevant study-material.

Narrating his success-story Ravi said, “once you make up mind about Civil Services Examination, first thing is to make right strategy for preparation and for this following IAS Topper, you get so many insights that it becomes quite easy to make a strategy of our own.”

I read competition magazines, searched websites to know the views of successful candidates and tried to reach out to even those failed to clear this examination and based on the information prepared a  tailor-made strategy for my endeavour.

His success-mantra is ‘Arise, Awake and do not stop till the goal is reached.’

“I was looking for a platform to create value in the lives of the masses; you can’t get a bigger platform than this. With my medical profession, I would have been comfortably placed and with money I can get relaxed and satisfied life; but, it cannot give you the happiness."

"It is the joy of service which kept me motivated towards Civil Services” said contented Ravi.

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