“I commenced my preparation with a clear-cut strategy and moved as per my plan” says Aayush Garg (AIR-63; CSE 2015)

For a qualified Chartered Accountant, venturing into Civil Services Examination was like grabbing major opportunity when it occurred. For Aayush Garg (AIR-63; CSE 2015), success in first attempt is no less than a mesmerizing moment of life; after all he achieving what he aspired for that too in style.

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From a promising career in Charter Accountancy to pursuing a career in ‘Civil Services’ for Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015) it has been a smooth sail. Achieving a brilliant success in first attempt is no small feat.

Exchange of thoughts commenced with brief about family and Aayush said, “My Father is a Chartered Accountant and mother is home-maker. My elder brother is in business.

Aayush said, "Although I had a promising career in finance; but, I chose a different path. I was working with ITC Limited and somehow, I had a different calling; not necessarily 'IAS' but, I wanted to contribute towards society. In a sense, I was looking for something that is more satisfying; to put things back in perspective it was career in ‘Civil Services’ that always fascinated me and when I looked at it as career option, I found all my professional needs were being met.”

Straightaway I initiated my next query by asking the ‘Secret of his success’, Aayush said, “it is nothing but, outcome of two things; first, Meticulous planning and second, my Family support.”aayush-garg-ias-topper-1st-attempt-upsc-cse-2015-family

“Strategizing my attempt was important in giving my best in my first attempt and come out as winner is highly satisfying as thing fall in place. And, I think while preparing for Civil Services Examination, I need not to elaborate how vital ‘Family Support’ is”, he added .

From where he got guidance to move forward, Aayush said,” I am a Chartered Accountant and feel fortunate to come in contact with lot of Indian Revenue Services (IRS) officers in Ludhiana and with them interacted a lot about my choice.

Candid in talks, Aayush said “It was like I was surrounded with people who reflect the person I want to be. I got valuable advice from all of them about what to read, from where to read and what UPSC expects.”

“With this initial guidance, I explored internet and researched a lot to attain clarity about resource and preparation strategy.”

About gaining useful insights about preparation, Aayush said, “I think picking the right source of information is really crucial. There is overflow of info relating to Civil Services Examination preparation and internet is flooded with so much of data, stories and stuff that you have to be choosy.”

Same is the case when he had to decide on optional subject; gave it a cool thought and Commerce & Accountancy was his obvious choice.

My preparation plan for this exam included only one book for each of the constituents and reading it 3-4 times rather than reading 3-4 books once.

I made it a point that whatever book or study material I have chosen, I will stick to it and will not shift focus.

No dilly-dallying; no more wasting time through aimless wandering.

A confident Aayush said, “I commenced my preparation with a clear-cut strategy and moved as per my plan. The end result confirms that I was on correct path and my strategy really worked.”

Last Update Tuesday 7th June 2016

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