Civil Services Examination is about ‘You’; so, get-up-and-go for it, says Artika Shukla (AIR 4; CSE 2015)

Artika Shukla, a doctor has secured 4th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

Her secret of success: "For success in Civil Services Examination, clarity about the exam-plan and understanding intricacies involved helps the most."


Dr. Artika Shukla, a medico, has cracked Civil Services Examination in first go and has achieved 4th rank in the merit-list.

Sharing her views on this accomplishment and how it fashioned, Artika said, “When I was contemplating about my future, there were lots of things in my mind and fact is, I was well on my way to become Doctor.”

“A doctor can do things for society only up to a certain extent; but, IAS can contribute much more towards society and finally, I made up my mind to give it a shot” she added.

Trilled with the constructive outcome that has arisen in first attempt itself, Artika said, “It is a pleasant surprise and initially it was hard to believe. I had prepared well and had a decent attempt; but, rank 4 has really made us feel blissful.”Artika-shukla-utsa-shukla-ias-toppers-civil-services-exam

I knew, I am taking a big risk; but, I am fortunate to have my brother Utsav Shukla (IRTS CSE 2012) as my mentor, who helped me to decode this examination.

Right from selection of books, magazines to arranging study-material, what to read and what not to even answer-writing and approach, he was there to support and had been there with me like a pillar.

A mix of NCERT Books, some standard text-books and daily newspaper reading worked for me.

My performance in Optional Subject also helped me to score well in written part and ensured my top rank.

I did my preparation with self-help and the only thing I depended on outside help was for ‘test-series’ just to evaluate my preparedness.

Artika said, “I feel this examination is about ‘You’ and if you are ready to take plunge, you should devote full energy towards it. Only I know or my family knows for complete one year how deeply I was involved in my study-plan and it is always satisfying if the outcome is pleasant.”  

"When I asked her ‘Success-Mantra’ she admitted that clarity about the exam-plan and understanding intricacies involved helped me achieve this feat."

"The complexities and apprehensions vanish once you have a clear cut preparation strategy in hand", she added.

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