“Any failure doesn’t define you as a failure” believes Siddharth Jain (AIR 13, CSE 2015)

Civil Services Examination is tough and everyone knows it well. Any unpleasant outcome in previous attempt does not establish you as failure.

You need to analyze and find the reason behind obstructions. Disappointment comes with such failures; but, with confidence and consistency in efforts, you can achieve anything.

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When I reached Ashoka Enclave in Sector-34, Faridabad late evening, I was about to inquire about a topper from a group of boy standing at entrance of the locality, and in unison they asked, “am I looking for Siddharth Bhaiya?” and even without my affirmation, all pointed towards the lane in which he lives.

They all had one thing to share that we have all played together and what he has achieved is really very big. They were all from different age-group; but, this success has made Siddharth a hero and they are enjoying it.

Yes, Siddharth Jain, B. Tech from IIT Roorkee has secured 13th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

This success has come to him in second attempt. Siddhath has kept Mathematics as optional subject.

I was not solely banking upon Civil Services Examination; I cleared SBI PO and this year got 13th rank in Indian Forest Service 2015.

Recounting the events, Siddharth says, “When I was in third year, I got serious about Civil Services Examination and later, joined weekend classes in one of the coaching institutes in Delhi.

It was quite hectic coming all the way from Roorkee to Delhi and going back next evening; but, somehow I managed. Actually, I had made up my mind that I will appear in Civil Services Examination immediately after completing graduation.”

Without being fully aware of the examination related requirements and intricacies involved, I just commenced preparation. I was digging my fingers in with everything I had.

Although I was confident last time, but couldn’t clear the examination. A glance at my mark sheet cleared that I performed miserably in Essay papers.

I treated my first attempt as a part of my learning process and Introspection pointed towards one thing – practice and I was keenly involved in writing practice.

I was confident that as far as content is concerned, I have read enough books and little writing practice can improve my writing skills.

He added, “This time, I looked for suggestions; but, I took decision as per my intelligence.”

Although, he has achieved top ranks and accomplished his goal, still he is active in sports and wishes to enjoy the every moment with family and friends before leaving for training.

“Mine is a story about ‘positivity and hope’ and it is my ‘mantra for success’ as well”, says Siddhartha.

Last Update Thursday 23rd June 2016

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