Keep trying, we don’t get opportunities again and again; says 21st Rank Shalini Duhan

Shalini Duhan, a girl from a village (Shahrmalpur, District Panipat, Haryana) has not only become a role model for her brother; but, also for many others who have caliber; but, adverse circumstances stops them from coming to the fore.


A girl from a very small place in Haryana, Shalini Duhan has not only become a source of inspiration for her brother; but, surely her success will motivate many others who have caliber; but, adverse circumstances stops them from coming to the fore.

The final result of Civil Services Examination 2015 has Shalini Duhar at 21st rank while her brother Alekh Duhan has secured 483rd rank.

It was Shalini’s third attempt while for Alekh, it was his first encounter with Civil Services Examination.

In first attempt Shalini got 190th rank that got her in to Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and in second attempt, she got 100th rank that entitled her Indian police Service (IPS).

Her father Sumer Singh Duhan is Sub-Inspector in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and mother is a teacher in government primary school.

Inspired by her sister, Alekh took first attempt after competing B.Tech and achieved this success. “My sister has been my role model and her success has motivated me and I am preparing to appear in Civil Services Examination 2016 again” says Alekh.Shalini-duhan-21st-rank-cse-2015

Sharing the account of her career progression Shalini says, “I have moved step-by-step and achieved what was a dream for me and my family. Each and every decision I took my parents were with me and extended full support.”

She recalls, “After graduation, I made a courageous choice to come to Delhi for SSC preparation and joined a small company with Rs. 15,000/- as remuneration. If I would have continued SSC preparation from my home in small place, may be with social pressure my parents would have thought about my marriage.”

In 2012, I got selected through SSC and got Excise Department and was posted in Chandigarh. This success gave me lot of confidence and being aware of my capabilities; I took next bold step and decided to take a plunge in Civil Services Examination.

I was back in Delhi again and just gathered information about Civil Services Examination and decided about my optional Subject Public Administration.

I was aware that in CSE 2012 Public Administration had fared very badly but I continued with it and kept the same optional in all my attempts.

With 100th rank in second attempt, I was confused about appearing again. I was contented that even if it is IPS, it is good for me; moreover, I may get home cadre so, why another attempt?

When thought of appearing again, back of mind there was slight doubt; but, thought that we don’t get opportunities again and again. Finally, thinking that there is nothing to lose but, if I keep the momentum going, I can improve upon, I will surely get post of IAS.

“I once again appeared and the result is really pleasant and highly satisfying” say Shalini with a winner’s smile on her face.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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