I was not alone on this journey, my family was my support system; says Anurag Chander (AIR 11; CSE 2015)

With his roots in Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh), an engineer Anurag Chander has produced outstanding result and has grabbed 11th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

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Anurag Chander, B.Tech. from VIT, Vellore has secured 11th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

This boy from Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh) has accomplished the goal in his second attempt that will get him entry into Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Last year also Anurag was successful in cracking Civil Services Examination 2014 and obtained 416th rank that got him Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

Commenting on his career choice Anurag says, “I come from a family lineage of defence services; my grandfather is an ex-serviceman and my father has served Indian Navy. But, since my childhood, it was my father’s dream to see me in Indian Administrative Service and he groomed me from very early days.”

After completing engineering degree just to have a feel of corporate world, Anurag worked with ITC Limited; but, soon his 11th rank Anurag with his parentsobsession for Civil Services Examination forced him to concentrate on preparation.

“It is the toughest examination in the country and I was not alone, my family was my support system”, acknowledged Anurag.

As his father had a transferable job and many a times he sailed, his mother took care of his all needs and tried to provide each and everything he needed. She has been keenly involved with him; even she helped Anurag to overcome panic he had built up for Hindi compulsory paper.

“When, it was about current affairs, daily my father shortlisted important news items and my job became easier just to look at relevant details and reading selected stories”, says Anurag.

Recalling an incidence when he was in sixth standard, his father Puneel Chander Sharma told that “once Anurag was asked to write an essay on ‘what you want to become?’ And he wrote about the coveted ‘Indian Administrative Services’ as his future career. As time passed, at a very regular interval he was reminded about his goal. Anurag has been so passionate that notebook is still in his possession.”

I owe my success to my parents and love my family as well as my home state so much that my first cadre preference is Himachal Pradesh, says proud Anurag.

Last Update Sunday 29th July 2018

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