Civil Services Examination is not an exam; now, it is a social obsession; says Jasmeet Singh Sandhu (AIR 3; CSE 2015)

The craze for Civil Services Examination is not limited to candidates only; your family, friends and close ones expect you to take a plunge and wish to see you emerge successful says Jasmeet Singh Sandhu who secured third rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

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Majority of youngsters set a goal to be in Indian Administrative Service ‘IAS’ and with a specific purpose, they start preparation for Civil Services Examination with an end in mind.

But, it is not that easy as one perceives. Not everyone reach the destination; it is only a few who make it to top, get chance in ‘IAS’.

In case of Jasmeet Singh Sandhu, first two attempts were off the mark. In third attempt, he cracked CSE 2014, but missed the target as he landed at 332nd rank in merit-list that got him Indian Revenue Service (IRS-C&CE).

The fourth attempt got Jasmeet a surprise – Rank 3 that ensures post of ‘IAS’. “I was expecting a good rank; but, finding name in top three was really satisfying”, says Jasmeet.

Son of Surinder Kaur and Dr. J S Sandhu,  DDG (Crop Science) ICAR, Jasmeet gives credit for his success to his p3rd rank jasmeet singh sandhuarents and shows gratitude towards his teachers particularly Mukul Pathak (Faculty Psychology) for the valuable contribution.

Narrating an incident Jasmeet said, “Few years back I appeared in CAT and got 99.4 percentile but, nobody in family even asked about it; but, when it was about Civil services Examination, my father enthusiastically filled my form. Such is the craze for this examination.

Echoing his views Jasmeet’s mother says “Jasmeet has always been an achiever; but, this success with 3rd rank has made him a hero. He is in the news and even friends, relatives are talking about his feat.”

While sharing his view about Civil Services Exam, calm and very relaxed Jasmeet says, “This is such a tough examination that each and every success; irrespective of rank should be celebrated.”

“All are brilliant and deserving; some are occupying top ranks in this attempt and majority of candidates may be at lower ranks today; many of them are in making of ‘top rankers’ in the coming examinations”, he added.

If you have to ask the views, you should reach out to those who fail. Not sure of any outcome candidates try their luck again and spend good 5-6 year of prime youth preparing for this examination and trying again. ‘Successful candidates’ motivates them and what keeps them glued is ‘top rankers’.

“Successful candidates like Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1, CSE 2013) fascinate me and his personality has casted a deep impression on my preparation. I knew it well that it is not easy and everyone cannot get first rank or succeed in first attempt. Throughout my journey, I faced lots of obstacles but, my conviction helped me stay and finally achieve what I aspired for”, says contented Jasmeet.


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