Civil Services Examination: Should I commence serious preparation immediately after completing 10+2 ?

There is enormous craze for Civil Services Examination and for youngsters, career in ‘Civil Services’ is top-of-mind. Common question many teenagers ask is “should I commence Civil Services Examination preparation earnestly immediately after schooling?”

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For a teenager it is good to have a plan, having an eye over future career prospects and dreaming about it.

Being passionate about making career in coveted ‘Civil Services’ shows your commitment; but, it is too early to be so serious about it.

Civil Services Examination is big affair having fierce competition. At this stage when you have just completed schooling, if you will look at the syllabus, exam-standard and level that it necessitates intensely, chances are maybe you can develop some sort of phobia or anxiety that can shake off your confidence or may result in getting away from the goal.

So, right now your aim is to start your journey towards dream destination and to remain focused. At the same time, you should take up some activities that remind you constantly about your goal and your ever-increasing inquisitiveness makes you enjoy the journey.

As you have just finished your school your level of understanding is limited. Keeping this fact in mind, start taking small steps towards the goal.

The initial and an important footstep for Civil Services Examination preparation is cultivating newspaper reading habit. This will help you build awareness about current affairs and contemporary developments.

Besides, as and when get time, read NCERT Books that you have studied in your school for some of the subjects that are constituents of General Studies syllabus.

You will remain determined only when you make genuine efforts and regularity will enhance self-confidence and keep your interest alive towards Civil Services Examination.

These small steps will prove worthy once you take up serious preparation and this solid foundation would help you attain a level that UPSC expects from you. You will feel less burden and preparation will always look manageable.

When you reach final year of your graduation, you can be thoughtful about Civil Services Examination planning and after graduation, indulge in intense preparation so that you are able to crack it in your very first attempt.

All the best!

Last Update Sunday 12th August 2018

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