Career in ‘Civil Services’ – Should I go ahead, or settle for something else?

Generally speaking, young generation is exposed to a traditional mind-set and when it comes to decide about ‘Career Choice’ lots of factors come in to play.

In majority of cases, first preference is to get a start and at that point of time, only the most popular career choices surround the mind and in such circumstances, dreams take a back seat.

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Keeping in mind the dreams, parental pressure and peer-group influence, many a times list of probable employment opportunities does not match the candidate’s preferences, likes and dislikes.

While exploring, out of long list of career options available in traditional industries and new-age establishments, seldom one follows the process to focus on suitable choice match their personality.

World over, choice for a suitable career is conscious decision which involves a deliberate method based on ability, aptitude and personality which suits particular career opportunity. Situation is little different in India where awareness related to career selection is limited.

In such situations, conclusion about career development or progression becomes really tough.

Young generation is exposed to a traditional mind-set and by the time they reach the right age to think about the career choice, only the most popular job-oriented choices surround them. No doubt, the career in Civil Services is top of mind choice among all occupations; still, only a few show courage to accept the challenge.

A section of candidates who are not capable, insecure of putting in focused hard work are in dilemma and construct their career related plans around those opportunities that are easy to acquire. They look at their comfort level and hesitate to raise the bar.

On the other side, there are some talented and gifted candidates who are in job; but, see their current engagement as ‘stop-over' and remain eager to continue the journey towards dream destination – Career in Indian Administrative Service (IAS),

If you are confronting such situations, you should not bow down against circumstances and should make efforts to realize your dreams. If you have courage and are ready to commit, you should keep looking at all possibilities. For some it is a planned decision to appear in Civil Services Examination and for some it is unplanned.  

It has been observed that sometimes even unplanned decisions produce positive results. ‘Civil Services’ is one such unique career option where motivation works much more than any other factor and inspiration from past successes fill enthusiasm in candidates.

And now, the first stage of examination - Preliminary Examination is attracting a lot of talented youngsters equipped with higher/professional degrees are attracted towards this examination.

So if you are facing situation similar to what is being discussed, it is time to make self-assessment, show courage to appear in CSE and back your decision with proper planning, guidance and hard work. 

Last Update Sunday 14th July 2019     

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