Making study-group is not difficult; look around for high calibre, talented candidates

Having a group of good friends has always been a boon for candidates preparing for Civil Service Examination.

In uncertain times, when there is confusion around, if you are able to find a group of candidates seriously preparing for coming examination, it will stumble on resolutions, help you sticking to study-plan and will keep you motivated.


Many candidates prepare for Civil Services Examination, of their own; with self-help. In fact majority of the candidates follow this route.

No doubt, most of them are capable and inspired; but, for Civil Services Examination moving on your own and without help makes your path a little difficult.

It is worth looking at your friends, seniors around; you will feel blessed, recharged and motivated. If you are able to reach out to some candidates seriously preparing for Civil Services Examination, it will certainly be of assistance to you.

During preparation time while facing challenges thrown, as a result of being together you end up having a group of quality candidates who are seriously indulged in preparation like you. And for all this you need not to spend too much of time, you have to just open up and discuss.

High calibre, talented candidates support and encourage each other, empathize on weaknesses and introspect together.

Each and every one among us have some unique quality; someone may be good in Current Affairs, other may have good writing skills, one may have the leadership quality who keeps everyone involved and active. Somebody may come up with new ideas; others may be strong in any particular subject. You discover the benefit of being a part of group as everyone contributes and shares his/her thoughts and vision.

You get to know the level of knowledge you require as some of you may have appeared in the exam before and have got some insights regarding the level of examination and UPSC’s expectations.

When you discuss topics/issues with group members, the concepts get clear. You get an accurate and in-depth understanding, new ideas emerge and your knowledge is constantly updated.

Your doubts and confusions get cleared and wrong/outdated information and errors in understanding, if any, gets uncovered, rectified and updated.

As has been witnessed, those who create study groups and cultivate a habit of group study; they are able to show better performance.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016     

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