How to prepare for IAS Interview (Personality Test)

Civil Services (Main) Examination 2015 Result is out. In all 2797 successful candidates have qualified for the last leg of the examination, Interview (Personality Test) for selection to the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service and other Central Services (Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’).


Interview, the last stage of Civil Services Examination is not a knowledge test; but, is more of a psychological assessment.

You have been preparing for Civil Services Examination for quite some time and must have dreamed and would have been longing to appear in Interview.

Now, your dream is reality and you are to face the interview board in the coming days. It is wrong to say that you have been ignoring the interview related requirements as with a lot of awareness around you more or less remain conscious about the same.

Moreover, while filling DAF for Main Examination, majority of the candidates have clear idea about the interview and take care about the information while filling the application form.

Besides anything else, what I feel is that having good communication skills and self-confidence are two major factors which needs attention; if, you lack on these fronts.
Difficulty is more with the candidates who are to face Interview Board for the first time. A lot of apprehensions keep such candidates anxious. But, this opportunity is enough to fill enthusiasm among such candidates and calls for a dedicated effort that helps you satisfy the board members and in turn secure high marks.

The Interview Board may grill you, may trap you in arguments, build up pressure as discussion prolongs on given topic, may fire a bolt from the blue just to check your mental alertness and could be a situational question which reflects your decision making capabilities; but, their endeavor is to analyze real YOU.

So, make the best use of the time available and update your knowledge relating to contemporary developments, indulge in group discussions with friends/seniors/other candidates appearing in interview and if needed, join coaching institute for ‘Mock Interviews’.

Wishing you luck!

Last Update Thursday 25th February 2016     

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