Civil Services Examination: Plans & Strategies for beginners

Enough has been said and discussed regarding the ‘Civil Services Examination’. Still, among beginners there is uncertainty that in which manner they should start and plan for this long journey. Similarly, others preparing for next or may be last attempt, search is on for some useful insights that can enliven the prospects.

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As you commence preparation for Civil Service Examination, you seriously need to devote some time to create an action-plan for preparation.

For each individual the requirements are different depending upon their educational background, level of understanding, capabilities and approach towards the examination hence, no single method to this examination preparation can be suggested.

A glance at the statistics for number of candidates applying and those who actually turn up for Prhave-a-ias-preparation-strategy-of-your-owneliminary Examination indicate towards a lot of non-serious and non-starters candidates who simply crowd the scene. Among these a lot of candidates, unaware of exam requirements look at it stage-wise and in first place, prepare for only Preliminary Examination.

Among the serious students even, we can easily divide them in two categories, one, those have long term view and the other, those with short term approach commence preparation only a few months before the actual examination.

For both categories of candidates as the circumstances are different, the approach to examination should be altered as situation evolves. We have listed some suggestions that may prove useful and help you in devising a strategy of your own.

Long Term Planning                                         Short Term Planning


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