Success is inevitable if one is capable, focused and works hard; says Medha Roopam (AIR 10; CSE 2013)

Among three women candidates in top ten, Medha Roopam has secured 10th rank in Civil services Examination 2013. A sports enthusiast, a shooter, Medha has played Nationals and advice future aspirants to keep fit and refreshed with the sports one likes.

She accomplished her goal in second attempt with Psychology as optional subject.


An Economics graduate from St. Stephens College, Delhi, Medha Roopam has secured 10th rank in Civil Services Examination 2013.

Medha has accomplished her long-cherished goal in her second attempt. She has opted for Psychology as optional subject this time.

Her father Gyanesh Kumar, a senior Civil Servant, is Kerala's resident commissioner in New Delhi.

Acknowledging the inspiration she got from her father, Medha says, “Motivation could have easily come from my father who is ‘Civil Servant’ and I knew the significance of this service from early days. But, the fact is that our country is on threshold of an economic revolution and structurally a story where everyone wants to participate. For development of country, youth has to play a vital role hence; nothing can get you the exposure like ‘civil services’.”

“Initially, I had diverse career options; but, I identified quite early that I have similar traits and personality that an efficient Civil Servant need to possess and felt that I can contribute in India’s development. I had set a goal to be ‘IAS’ and even, unpleasant result in previous attempt didn’t bother me too much.”medha-roopam-ias-topper-10th-rank-cse-2013-psychology

“Passion and the experience I had from my previous attempt have led to this success” he asserted.

Revealing her emotions on result, Medha says, “ I had performed well in this attempt and when I got the news, I thought it's right on target for me this time; only wish I'd had it sooner.”

About preparation strategy she adopted, Medha commented that it is the step-by-step process that you adopt as there are no structured guidelines; so, one needs to construct own strategy for preparation. But, one thing is sure that throughout my preparation, I was looking for insights and was open to adapt new ideas and probably that has been one of the significant contributors in my success.

Citing the impact of new format for Main Examination in her success Medha says, “Sure, in each attempt, you need to prepare yourself to face something new; it won't be exactly the same, and that's the beauty of Civil Services Examination. When the new changes were introduced by UPSC, to avoid a big crash one needs to change the direction according to emerging needs and requirements; and I precisely did that.”

“New pattern has really provided level-playing field and magnitude of General Studies has grown is boon for candidates like me. The syllabus is comprehensive as well as explicitly defined and you just don’t need to get confused. Being very thorough with important topics in syllabus and well thought-out study-plan gave me confidence to face the Main Examination positively” she added.

“Above all, it is eye-opening how slight change in answer-writing and presentation can make such a difference in the end result” she stated.

Responding to the chances of success in this examination, candidly Medha lays out her views in simple words, “It all seems to happen so slowly in life that you never know what happens next. This stands true with this examination as well. But, success is inevitable if one is capable, focused and works hard to achieve it.”

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