Interview Questions: Medha Roopam (AIR 10, CSE 2013)

I was interview by Mr.  Chattar Singh Board. Most of the questions asked were from my Bio-Data and my graduation subject – Economics. Questions from Chairman were little tough and entailed brief but, crisp answers.

In between, there were some open ended questions as well as instances when I didn’t give fitting reply; but, board was co-operative and confidence helped me sail through.

My interview lasted for about 35 minutes and I was satisfied with my performance.


Interview Board: Chattar Singh

Slot: Morning session.

Interview Order: First one to be interviewed




  1. What did you do in the last two years?
  2. Education field in India how can you improve?
  3. How can you create more school capacity?
  4. Though all the colleges of DU have the same syllabus why is St. Stephens more sought after?
  5. How do build more colleges like Stephens and why do we not have more of them currently?
  6. Why did you get a attracted towards the education sector to work in?
  7. In four sentences tell us what is wrong with the education sector of India?

Member 1:

  1. What is consumer surplus?
  2. What is producer surplus?
  3. You are into shooting, how can the sports scenario be improved?
  4. What are merit goods?
  5. Like the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha what does USA have?
  6. How are Rajya Sabha and House of Representatives different?
  7. What powers does Rajya Sabha have with reference to the states in our federation?

Member 2:

  1. What was Lehmann brothers?
  2. What went wrong in America and interest rates in 2007/8 crises?
  3. How did the debt and bad loans built up?
  4. You are into public speaking what are the characteristics of a good public speaker?
  5. What is Pareto optimality?

Member 3:

  1. What are the BIMARU states how will you improve their agricultural scenario?
  2. Should electricity and power be given free to farmers?
  3. Do Punjab and Haryana give free power?
  4. You are district collector of a district and the upper castes are not letting lower castes take their marriage procession from the public road and the temple, what will you do?
  5. Will you use force if necessary?

Lady member:

  1. How did you get into shooting?
  2. Who is Mavalankar?
  3. Kerala and Japan are comparable in population but why has Japan progressed so much?
  4. What were the economic policies used by Japan?
  5. What is JIT?
  6. Who is Medha Patkar?

Chairman again:

  1. You said Punjab and Haryana are rich states but they are not. (Here I talked about how per capita income is high but social indicators aren't)
  2. Presume you are the chief Secretary of a state, what four changes will you bring about in your state?
  3. What about health and education of your state?

You can leave now.

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