Call it coincidence or luck; but, my way to IAS has been fashioned like my inspiration, says Sakshi Sawhney (AIR 6; CSE 2013)

Deeply touched with the needs of masses Sakshi Sawhney, changed her mind to appear in Civil Services Examination by leaving rewarding career opportunity that corporate world offers. She has secured 6th rank in Civil Services Examination and has shown true fighting spirit as she missed selection in her previous attempt due to very low marks in Essay Paper.


Sakshi Sawhney, a Law graduate has captured the 6th spot in merit-list in civil services Examination 2013. It was her second attempt and she has achieved this brilliant success with LAW as optional subject.

Sakshi’s father is Civil Servant (IRS) and mother is associated with NGO ‘Deepalya’ that works with under-privileged section of the society. Her sister is a banker.

Reacting to how she got inspired about career in Civil Services candid in her talks Sakshi shared her views, “although, my family environment was enough to stimulate; but, back of mind there was somewhat related to my profession and opportunities in corporate world. You can say, it was sort of a mental block.

However, something else was destined for me. When I was in 4th year Law; while I was doing internship, I visited several NGOs for legal aids. I got immense satisfaction with work in social field and was moved as I felt I can contribute much more if I pick IAS as career and certainly will have opportunity to help wider gamut of people.

Inner pleasure would come by doing work in field to improve effective service delivery and policy implementation rather than spending time with corporates. Sakshi-SAWHNEY-IAS-topper-6th-rank-CSE-2013

That was the time when I decided to appear in Civil Services Examination immediately after completing LLB in 2012 from NALSAR University of Law.

Although, my preparation was on from the moment I made a swift decision about it in my final year, I got really serious in preparation just 40 days before Civil services Examination 2012 notification. Unaware of the requirements I was deep into preparation mode as I was confident about making it in first attempt itself.

I saw the syllabus, just grabbed the relevant study-material based on information I gathered from toppers’ interviews and worked out a strategy of my own to cover it effectively. I also joined coaching institutes for Main Examination (General Studies). For Preliminary Examination, to evaluate my preparedness, I took some test series.

Honestly, due to limited time in hand, I had not gone thorough and at the same time, I was little low on sureness. As luck would have it, I failed to get good marks in Essay paper and missed selection by few marks. Although depressed with outcome, introspection gave me courage that except, Essay my endeavour is more or less on track.

Honestly, I really struggled to overcome the tumbling I faced due to very low marks in Essay in my previous attempt. I slogged hard to improve upon my strengths and worked on weaknesses and prepared myself to face anything unpredictable. One of the skills that surfaces in making up this success is writing practice that I cultivated in this attempt.

In my second attempt, I got some encouragement from result of Gitanjali Brandon (AIR 6; CSE 2011) who achieved success in her second attempt with Law as one of the optional subject. I didn’t know much about her approach; but, besides optional subject, spotted another similarity that she could not score good marks in her Essay paper in her first attempt.

Her story acted as emotional and psychological comfort to me. I got refreshed and an idea sparked the possibility of pleasant outcome; so, I made up firm mind and this time I was completely focused on my goal.

I had confidence in my abilities and my sustained efforts helped me replicate the result and I also got 6th rank this year.

Same optional subject Law, success in second attempt, same rank in can call it coincidence or luck, but, my way to IAS has some resemblance to Gitanjali’s outcome.


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