Stay confident and focused on the examination needs; says Dr. Bharti Dixit (AIR 5; CSE 2013)

Dr. Bharti Dixit, a medico, working with NDMC (Health Department) in Central Delhi has achieved 5th rank in civil Services Examination 2013. Incidentally, she is the only woman among top five ranks and the most commendable thing is that she has done it in her first attempt.


After conquering topmost rank for last three years in Civil Services Examination, first among women candidate in CSE 2013 result is Dr. Bharti Dixit who secured 5th rank.

When I met Bharti at her residence in Dwarka, a simple girl greeted me as I entered and her ease in talks made me surprised. The way she narrated her approach towards preparation and facing the fierce competition it clearly show clarity of purpose that is evident from the accomplishment in her first encounter with this examination.

She said, “I knew that Civil Services Examination is tough and chances of success are really dim; but, I had a firm opinion that I can do it and surely I am not going to waste my crucial years just preparing. I was constantly in touch with studies as after completion of MBBS, I appeared in CMS Exam and immediately after that focused my attention towards it.”

Both her parents are teachers; simple living and straightforward approach towards life provided a very conducive environment and motivation from family helped her succeed. Even, her younger sister is pursuing MBBS from LHMC, New Delhi from where Bharti also graduated.

“I commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination about three months before Preliminary Examination. Although, I had appeared in UPSC Combined Medical Service Examination 2012 and secured AIR 13, my eyes were set on my goal – IAS. I continued with my job as I never wanted to entirely depend on it”, Bharti said.

Reacting on chances of success in this examination, her father said that Bharti has been a meritorious student from initial days and in each examination, she correctly assessed her performance and always her scores were within that range.

Similarly, here also she was confident that she has performed well and should get high rank.Bharti-dixit-IAS-topper-5th-rank-CSE-2013

“Honestly, Rank 5 is really a surprise, I was expecting good rank but, figuring among top ranks is always satisfying”, she added.

I followed a simple strategy for preparation. Read syllabus, understood requirements and examiner’s expectations. I commenced preparation with NCERT Books and built up my knowledge on these.

Regular newspaper reading, listening to AIR news and programs daily and watching Rajya Sabha TV programs were integral part of my study-plan.

For optional subject selection I was clear on my own subject Medical Science and never considered any other alternative.

I was selective in reading and did not read from many sources. Looking at the previous years’ papers, I got lots of insights and accordingly, my preparation was surrounded by regular answer-writing practice that helped me the most.

Her advice to future aspirants:

  • You should stay confident and focus on the examination needs.
  • Be thorough with the primary sources and then move on to the secondary sources.
  • Revision is must - not at the end of preparation just before examination; but, regularly on weekly basis.
  • Set small targets and reward yourself for accomplishing it.
  • There are always highs and lows in everybody’s life, but the real winner is the one who gets out of those lows quickly and gets back on track in time.
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