Assess your capabilities as well as your limitations and prepare accordingly, says Santosh Kumar Roy (Hindi Medium - AIR 107; CSE 2013)

Keeping the hopes of Hindi medium candidates alive, Santosh Kumar Roy has achieved this brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2013 and has secured 107th rank in merit-list. It was his third attempt.

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When confidence of Hindi medium candidates is badly hurt, story of Santosh Kumar Roy (AIR 107, CSE 2013) is such that it is enough to instil confidence among them.

I am just putting in his words that poured when I talked about his success in civil Services Examination and how he felt while preparing with Hindi medium.

To become IAS was my childhood dream; but, I could accomplish my dream now. Mine is no less than a film script. It has all – dream, struggle, step-by-step move towards the goal, hits and misses; then, ultimately achieving what I desired.Santosh Kumar

As I come from rural background, with inadequate resources, I was deprived of amenities one have in life. But, I never felt inferior in front of any one and I believe God has given me all which others have; if anything I have less, I will strive hard to earn all that.

Each one of us has some strengths and weaknesses; I have strong willpower and never underestimate my capabilities.

After completing graduation, I thought of appearing in Civil Services Examination as I felt, I could do it. I always believed in standard text-books and understood what all I read. I had in mind that when I am eligible to appear in CSE, and syllabus is woven around this level, I should not worry too much about chances of success.

But, it was not that easy as I assumed; scarce resources and uncertainty associated with this examination compelled me to rethink about it. I was helpless and weak economic conditions enforced postponement of my plans to appear in Civil Services Examination.

In the meantime, I got married in 2007 and I am blessed with a daughter who is 5 years now. I gave full time to my family and they returned love, affection and much-needed mental peace that helped me think beyond and achieve what has been destined for me.

Like any other youngster, my first aim was to settle in life and with sustained efforts, luck favoured me as in 2010, I got selected in SSC (Graduate Level) Exam and fortunately got posting in Central Secretariat, New Delhi. After government service and marriage, I attained much-needed stability in life.

So, you can say that I started preparing for Civil Services Examination at an age of 27 plus.

There is a saying that if something good is to happen, almost all things fall in place and I got serious about my career destination as my wife encouraged me to make an attempt.  Rather, she was more inclined towards this examination and believed that I can do it.

Delhi, being the hub for Civil Services Examination preparation, got me all I needed to move ahead with my preparation plans. Books, study material, guidance, and right advice – all I got here that contributed a lot in my success.

In first attempt in CSE 2011, I cleared Preliminary Examination but, could not move ahead. In previous attempt in CSE 2012, I got 665th rank and got Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) and now, in third attempt, I am feeling relieved with post of IAS in sight.

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