IAS in first attempt was not a cakewalk; but, it was neither like climbing a mountain; says, Saloni Sidana (AIR 74; CSE 2013)

In her first attempt, achieving 74th rank in Civil Services Examination 2013 is not a small feat. Saloni Sidana has set an example that with proper guidance and by putting in hard-work, anyone can achieve the goal.

Being a doctor, she has produced this brilliant result with Law as optional subject.

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Saloni Sidana, a medico, has cracked the most sought-after Civil Services Examination 2013 and has accomplished her dream of being IAS in her very first attempt.

Saloni has secured 74th rank and has produced this wonderful result with Law as optional subject.Saloni-Sidana-ias-topper-cse-2013

Reacting to why career in civil services after being a doctor, Saloni said, “I realised that civil services can provide me a broader platform and a chance to work in many areas affecting people's lives.”

Owing her success to her parents and teachers Saloni said, “A big contribution to success came from my parents, nears/dears, friends and specially my teachers at coaching institute I joined.”

Unconditional support of my parents and their faith in me and my dreams and guidance of my teachers and their support at every step and my friend who always believed that I can even at times I doubted myself.

My father is an agriculturist and mother is a housewife; an elder sister and a younger brother and we live in Jalalabad. They always believed in my dreams and gave me freedom to choose whatever I wanted to do; and the way I wanted to.

Dad being engaged in social service was always an inspiration and mother was a motivation to achieve what I aspire. Friends too played a special role in uplifting me up whenever I felt I won't be successful.

While preparing for Civil Services Examination, my teachers too became a family and played the same role in guiding me, motivating me whenever I felt low, applauding me when I performed well and scolding me whenever I was wrong.

On her splendid feat, Saloni said, “Being an IAS in first attempt was not a cakewalk; but, it was neither like climbing a mountain. It's difficult a little but if one gets goods guidance , does smart work, be persistent and does not lose hope, then it can be achieved beautifully and easily. As I did, one should enjoy the process and predating journey as much as the final destination.

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