Support and motivation from Parents and friends helped me perform; says Prem Ranjan Singh (AIR 62; CSE 2013)

B Tech from NIT Allahabad, Prem Ranjan Singh started his career with Ashok Layland Limited where he worked for 3 years. This success has finally come to him in his 4th attempt.


With the success in Civil Services Examination 2013, Prem Ranjan Singh 29, has found his passion of life and finally, with 62nd rank, he has sealed his place for the post of IAS (Indian Administrative Service).

B.Tech from NIT Allahabad, Prem Ranjan Singh has obsession for reading and love to be surrounded with books. This routine helped him in continuously refining knowledge, awareness and proved to be quite handy in handling IAS Preparation.

He started career with Ashok Layland Limited where he worked for 3 years; but, left his job as he was not getting time to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

Inspiration to appear in Civil Services Examination came from the brilliant success of Saurabh Babu Maheshwari, topper in 2000 who is his college senior.PREM-RANJAN-SINGH-IAS-topper-CSE-2013-62nd-rank

Sharing his experience in the process of expedition to IAS, he said that I got this success in 4th attempt. I was fortunate to appear in interview in all my attempts. In first attempt, I could not find place in merit-list but, in second attempt I got 498th rank. In third attempt I improved my ranking to 379th place and finally in my fourth attempt I got 62nd rank.

Prem says, “In the beginning, everyone aims at IAS only and if any others services come in way, that becomes a sort of stop-over and most of us continue journey towards the destination.”

Responding to the query what kept him going, he said that I got tremendous support and motivation from parents. Besides, I am blessed to have company of good friends and most of them got selected in IAS in last 2-3 years. Among my friends, Manish Agarwal (AIR 61, CSE 2011), Sandeep Singh (AIR 64, CSE 2011) were sort of strength for me. They helped me in getting the right stuff and much needed direction while preparing for Main Examination 2013 in new format.

When I asked what helped him got high rank this time, he said, “Sequence of events in past 3 attempts inevitably led to a planned and focused attempt. Most of the serious candidates really work hard and try to give the best; but, those who move in the right direction find it productive.”



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