Quest to do something meaningful brought me back; says Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1; CSE 2013)

What Gaurav has achieved clearly establishes the fact that the new generation has a very different outlook on life and they demonstrate strong commitment and urge to make their life more meaningful.


The toppers, their success-stories and practical tips are golden words to aspiring candidates seeking success in coveted Civil Services Examination and I am out again to meet these young stars who have shown tremendous zeal in order to accomplish their dreams.

The top most rank in civil Services Examination 2013 belongs to Gaurav Agrawal, 29, whom I met at his residence in Jaipur (Rajasthan) recently.

He has achieved this outstanding success in his second attempt.

Gaurav Agrawal is someone who gazed at post of IAS for terrific opening it provides to work constructively at grass-root level. At the same time, it gives you opportunity to contribute directly in growth of the country.

In fact even after completing my MBA, I was contemplating with an idea to appear in Civil Services Examination but, I was out of touch with studies for quite some time. I had a clear vision of where my career is headed and I just postponed my preparation-plans for some time.

Gaurav Agarwal with Parents and wife

On his ultimate career choice, Gaurav said, “one needs to be very clear and consistent when setting out career mission and in my case, I knew, I am tapping only part of the potential I have. Another reason is that the new economic opportunities in India are attracting talented and professionally-qualified youngsters who wish to participate in country’s growth.

I waited for the right time to come and in the meantime, I took up the job that came in way, said Gaurav.

Commenting on this brilliant success, Gaurav said, “while working in MNC in Hong Kong as investment banker for three and half years, one thing that I was missing was my family, nears and dears. For me, the definition of success is far more than the aggressive accumulation of wealth.”

I adore spending quality time nurturing relationships with family and friends. Precisely, this is single factor that I finally made up my mind to appear in Civil Services Examination, he added.”

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