2nd rank Munish Sharma’s Success-Mantra: “Do the right things that can help in success”

Munish Sharma voiced his opinion on many areas that matters a lot for any candidate aspiring for the Civil Services Examination. He also responded to why he left such a lucrative job with KPMG and reason for his foray in to CSE.


In a candid talk Munish Sharma (AIR 2, CSE 2013) expressed his views on lot of issues that revolves around any candidate’s mind aspiring for Civil Services Examination.

Early in my life, I didn’t had luxury of imagining big belongings said Munish; but, certainly I could dream big for my life and for that my first step was; I become  financially independent from an early age. I started teaching when I was in class 11th. I guess that has helped me in my career progression and a lot in my success in Civil Services Examination.

"I had a lucrative job, no doubt about that and I was offered overseas assignment; but, I was searching for something else" said Munish.

Even, the similar conflict was in mind when I was jotting down my first preference for services - IAS or IFS; I showed penchant for IAS as I wanted to work at grass-root level.

Stating the reason for joining coaching institute, Munish said I needed some guidance and an institute that offers week-end classes so that I can prepare effectively. It was all a part of my preparation strategy.

Commenting on his earlier attempt, Munish said, “After unpleasant result, suddenly you start to think about the right way to do things.Even I was no exception but, I reacted sensibly and analysed my previous attempt that never pointed out anything wrong in my preparation strategy.

Moreover, the pattern for Main Examination 2013 also changed; that really eased my problem as I had to pick only ‘one’ optional subject. So, the only thing I did was to come back to my original style of preparation and do the right things that can help me in success.”

Reacting on his chances of success in Civil services examination Munish said that I knew my strengths well, I am an avid reader, buy lots of books and I could conceive that it is my cup of tea that is why I left my job. About this I would say that having full faith in my mentor worked and in my case, it was Karamjeet Sir who had this conviction since beginning that I belong to Top 10 group.


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