Plan to prepare for Civil Services was special to me; says Mrinal Chawla (AIR 156; CSE 2013)

Mrinal Chawla, 26, has secured 156th rank in Civil Services Examination 2013 in his first attempt. With not much of know-how about preparation, with full determination Mrinal just commenced preparation with proper guidance and produced this wonderful result.

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In his first encounter with CSE, 1988 born Mrinal Chawla from Delhi, a post-graduate in Bio-medical Sciences from Delhi University has secured 156th rank in Civil Services Examination 2013.

Reacting on the news, Mrinal said, “My eyes were set on the goal and as this was my first attempt, I was more watchful. “

It was a new experience altogether with no godfather. It was quite challenging as I belong to a family where we have no connection with Civil Services.

Commenting on his preparation strategy, Mrinal said, “I didn’t want to leave anything that could have adverse effect on my preparation. As such, things become special if they are believed to be and when I commenced preparation, ‘Hope’ was the biggest asset I possessed.”

However, I started preparation very late as I was entangled in situations of my own. My mother is a single parent; so, it was quite difficult for me to make a choice that I leave PhD for appearing in Civil Services Examination 2013 and knotted in such tricky condition changing my field to give attempt to Civil Services was like a gamble.

As a beginner, first thing is that you get to know the Civil Services Examination preparation-plan and then, need to absorb the culture; so, my search began and ended with an institute that is little different.

It was mid-January 2013 when I finally made up my mind and joined Nirvana IAS to get the much needed guidance as this preparation was something new for me.

Moreover, transition from academics to such a fierce competition is not that easy. I was doing Ph.D so, was not able to get much time but, I was determined to give my best.

About chances of success in Civil Services Examination Mrinal said, “I know one thing that hard-work and positive attitude delivers; so, I gave my best and left rest on God.

I had many things at stake and I am happy that my decision to prepare for Civil services has really paid off.

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