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Can we have a single source with which General Studies preparation can be done?

When candidates commence preparation, the first question that strikes their mind is about the books and study-material and the search begins for a single source for preparation that can serve the purpose.


We have been asked a specific question quite often in ‘ask experts’ that really prompted us to answer it in detail so that we can address a large gamut of Civil Services Examination aspirants.

Can we have a single source with which General Studies preparation can be done?

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We fully agree with the aspirants on this; and we are sure this kind of query comes in mind as soon as one thinks about Civil Services Examination preparation.

Wish there be one single source that takes care of all your Civil Services Examination preparation needs!

The Civil Services Examination is in a league of its own.

This examination is much above ordinary and no single book can cover all the requirements four question papers of General Studies.

A new phrase is coined by some of the toppers this year that Civil Services Examination is become a bookless examination.

Its multi-stage exam-plan and General Studies syllabus encompass stuff from varied disciplines that requires distinct skill-sets for an effective preparation and study-material from diverse sources.

Moreover, it requires grip over traditional portion; at the same time expects you to be aware of the latest and the contemporary development as majority of the major constituents are dynamic in nature.

And do we need to mention that covering current affairs and issues related to international relations remains a challenge and to have all this in a single standardized book is not practically possible.

To arrange assorted material coving wide-ranging issues from basics to advance is a tough contest and that is the reason no single book is able to cover complete stuff.

A combination of some basic books, standard text-books and regular newspaper reading along with your awareness about the would around will help you tackle General Studies papers in Preliminary as well as Main Examination.


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