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The Civil Services Examination is about thoroughness and exhaustive coverage and assessment is based on originality, core focus and presentation techniques which determine where you land up.


Civil Service Examination, a gruelling competition consisting a multi-stage exam-plan is an obsession for many that attracts lakhs of young men and women to try their luck for making a career in coveted ‘Civil Services’.

Be it a beginner or a consistent campaigner, search for success is a mystery and each one of them looks at it with own understanding and intelligence. But, before you begin, it is absolutely essential to be acquainted with the fact that this is no ordinary examination and for an effective preparation you need to understand what the examiner’s expectations are?

With a lot of awareness around one search for right advice but, inconsistent descriptions and some conflicting views make it confusing. As such, this examination is surrounded by a lot of myths and wrong notions and hunt for an effective preparation strategy keeps one on toes.

Weave a strategy of your own

This is a battle that you have to contest. It is nice to look for useful insight and take advantage of other’s experiences; but, here you need to knit your own strategy that helps you incapability-perseverance-help-you-sail-through-ias-exam accomplishing the task in style.

The Civil Services Examination is about thoroughness and exhaustive coverage and assessment is based on originality, core focus and presentation techniques which determine where you land up.

Important decision become easy to make when you assess of your capabilities properly, show courage to undertake this tough task and commit yourself to match preparation with the exam standards.

Being aware about the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination is the most significant step beginners need to take.

This is the first step towards becoming Civil Servant – the step that will make everything else fall into place.

Begin with a clear, detailed, purposeful goal in mind

Visualize your goal in intense detail at the beginning of your preparation. Civil Services Examination is very different from other examinations and you should understand from the fact that those with post-graduation, sometimes, are not able to crack this examination even in 4 attempts where as a fresh graduate does it in style in very first attempt.

If you ask me, success in civil Services Examination is not that difficult as people perceive. In last so many years, I have seen many candidates with average educational background making it to Civil Services by showing courage and commitment. It is all about perseverance, your hard work that gets reflected in your end result.

As a serious candidate, you need to look at this complete exam-plan as one unit interlinked with each other. In past few years, UPSC is in inventive mode and there sole aim is to keep this examination unpredicted. The nature of changes that came in 2011 at Preliminary Examination level and later, in 2013 the new format for Main Examination expresses their intent.

You need to understand it clearly that it is an open competitive examination where at each stage, be it Preliminary or Main Examination, your loss is other’s gain.

Time to define the best strategies

In the beginning, almost all candidates have a vague idea but, as you progress, you get lots of insights that give confidence to move forward.

You should start with some basic books to lay a solid foundation and later, you can advance with your study-plan as per needs. Begin your preparation with General Studies (Main Examination oriented) in mind. By preparing for Main Examination, you Preliminary Examination Paper I would almost get covered. For Paper II, you have to rely on practice than reading content.

As the Preliminary Examination is scheduled for August 23, 2015, you have enough time in hand, you should commence preparation with some basic books and NCERT books are considered to be the best resource for this purpose.

For basics, NCERT Books are the best resource

You can Begin with some basic books for laying solid foundation and to gain conceptual clarity. Keeping in mind the constituents listed in the syllabus and some of the newly added topics in General Studies (Main Examination) syllabus, you can choose the NCERT books as per your requirements.

As you advance, the strong base would help in tackling the things in much easier way and you will be able to understand things in a much improved manner.

Also, cultivate daily newspaper reading habit as this keeps you abreast with the latest.It will build awareness and information about the contemporary developments.

Simultaneously, start thinking about the optional subject you wish to take and take a rational decision after considering what suits you the best. You have to prepare it along with your other papers and make an aim to complete it in next 3-4 months.

Make a beginning, as you advance, you will keep on getting insights that help you prepare effectively.

All the best!

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