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    Anurag Verma

     Rank:  138
     Year:  2011
     Exam:  CSE
     Profile Viewed:  525 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 87
    General Studies 600 265 (121 + 121)
    History 600 339 (157 + 182)
    Literature of Hindi Language 600 333 (169 + 164)
    Total (Written) 2000 1024
    Interview 300 147
    Total 2300 1171 (50.91%)

    Optional Subjects

    Optional Subject 1: History
    Optional Subject 2: Literature of Hindi Language

    The basis of selecting optional subjects was my personal liking and both being interesting subjects. I had faith in my decision and kept the same set of optional subjects for all my attempts.

    I was greatly inspired by highest rank achiever with Hindi medium, Kiran Kaushal (AIR 3, CSE 2008). I had always thought that the IAS Toppers are common people but their determination, dedication and commitment makes them special.

    After post-graduation, I started serious preparation for Civil Service Examination. First of all, I tried to understand the nature and pattern of the complete exam-plan. With optional subject’s selection, I was absorbed in study with full dedication.

    Number of attempts
    This was my fourth attempt. Prior to this, I reach interview stage twice but could not taste the sweetness of success.

    The reason for my earlier disappointments was that I could not consistently score good marks in each paper.

    Time Management
    I have a very good writing speed so I never had any problem relating to time management while writing papers.

    Moreover, my prior planning of writing answers with word-limit in stipulated time helped me dividing time and managing to write answers within that.

    Preliminary Examination in new format is more challenging and open competition providing equal opportunity to all. Definitely a positive change as no one would be able to get advantage of particular subject or medium.

    It is not that new-look Prelims is posing problems for Hindi medium candidates only; it is an aptitude test and every candidate has to understand this. Yes, Hindi medium candidates can add English newspapers/magazines, internet as resource for study and should have a regular study-plan.

    For Main Examination, I emphasized upon answer writing practice and group discussion with friends. This helped me writing to-the-point and concise answers.

    My nature of expressing ideas in minimum words helped me a lot during examination.

    I had been a regular reader of articles published in newspapers and magazines. This habit along with group discussions with friends was enough to write essay on any topic.

    I picked up “In the Indian context, both human intelligence and technical intelligence are crucial and combating terrorism” topic as I was comfortable with this topic.


    For interview, I relied upon personal discussion and guidance from my teachers Mr. Rajneesh Raj and mr. Manikant Singh. Group discussion and mock interviews with friends also helped in accessing my preparedness.

    I was interview by Madam Alka Sirohi Board on April 10, 2012. Board was cordial and quite helpful.

    Interview Questions

    • What is social engineering? Particularly in context to Uttar Pradesh (My State)
    • Place of India in United Nations and should it advance?
    • Should India get place in Security Council? If yes, then why?
    • Divide Literature of Hindi Language as per time-period and name some prominent literates for each


    Friends, work hard incessantly and don’t look back once you start Civil Service Examination preparation. Success will be yours.

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