So many nice souls have shaped my life, says Raghvendra Singh 12th Rank CSE 2012

For a devotee of Lord Shiva, Raghvendra Singh, the ultimate aim was to become IAS and the reward for it is very special as he is going to get his parents company back since he had a pact with them that he will stay with them only after becoming an IAS officer.


When you are contemplating with an idea to appear in examination like Civil Services Examination, you need to be inspired first. For Rahgvendra Singh, who is struck with traditional value, the inspiration came from his parents who made lots of sacrifices to see him occupying the most coveted post in the country.

A true fan of his mother, Raghvendra who has achieved 12th rank in Civil Services Examination 2012 had developed a common hobby with her - reading novel s which he used to read and then shared it with his mother who has education just up to 8th standard. This leisure pursuit proved to be of immense help when he picked up Literature of Hindi Language as one of his optional subject.

As he said, “the values and wisdom she possesses is rare and has been a source of encouragement.” 

Expressing his emotions Raghvendra said “there are so many nice souls that have shaped my life; my family at home is just a part of it. JNU helped me in everything I needed and where I learnt the importance of fitting into a group and knowing how to cooperate with each other.”

“I am indebted to JNU for having shaped my life to grow. The most important thing JNU gave me was that it has instilled some values in me and also given a confidence about the superiority of government jobs as far as career satisfaction is concerned. To serve the people is always the key guiding factor of any JNUite where money takes a backseat”, he added.

He feels blessed that he has a group of friends who have always been a great support.  His friends at JNU Rahul, Sant, Saurabh, Ashwini ji, Anjani, Ambreen, Pallavi, Vijendra, Kaptan and his seniors Mayank sir, Bipul sir, Vijay sir and Nitin Sir kept him motivated  and encouraged him throughout the journey.

“I have a group of friends from different background like my friend Ashwini ji has done PhD in Environmental Science and at times for Main Examination he prepared special material and notes for science and technology. Rahul was kind enough to hand me over his room for solitary exile that is needed during Main Examination. Bipul sir gave me a thousand rounds around ring road of JNU during late nights to refresh me.”

“I had always reservations about my preparation even after working very hard; but, they never had any doubt about my success. I would like to thank all these people for their emotional support and encouragement” he said expressing his gratitude.

Raghvendra has tasted the sweetness of success last year and is undergoing training for IPS. But, he continued efforts and has achieved this bright success to fulfill the strong desire that he had for it. Narrating the key factors for success, he said that “Just a dedication for consistent hard work and an indomitable passion to succeed is key ingredients.”

To sum up, Raghvendra’s strategy to counter this grueling examination: “Be confident of yourself and the hard work that you have put in the process. No one is better prepared than you.”

Last Update Sunday 21st July 2019     

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