Hindi medium draw attention again with success of Vandana (AIR 8, CSE 2012)

What a booster the recent Civil Services Examination result 2012 has been for Hindi medium candidates – a lot of successes in top 100 and even, a successful candidate with single digit rank. There couldn’t have been a better time for Hindi medium as the Preliminary Examination 2013 is just round the corner and this result would be enough to inspire Hindi medium candidates.
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A much desired quality for cracking this tough examination – Confidence, was lacking among Hindi medium aspirants as the last year’s result of Hindi medium candidates was not that great.

There were a lot of apprehensions around new pattern for Preliminary Examination that was introduced in 2011 and a lot of people felt it can impact the performance of Hindi medium candidates adversely.

But, CSE 2011 result could be seen as aberration as Civil Services Examination 2012 result again, portrays a pleasant image.

Yes, in the Civil Services Examination 2012 result, one of the biggest revelations is Vandana (AIR 8) as she has grabbed top rank with Hindi medium and has achieved this feat in her first encounter.

This is not all; she has accomplished the task with ‘Law’ as one optional for which a general perception is that for Civil Services Examination, in Hindi medium it is considered unsafe optional subject. Her other optional subject has been Literature of Sanskrit Language.

Unlike many other candidates who were indulged in futile activities and were confused, Vandana was focused and was glued to books and study-material – most of these were her text-books as she had picked up her optional subjects that she had read earlier.

Her possession in the beginning was a lot of ignorance and a big dream. While narrating her experiences, Vandana said, “I had no idea how to go about the preparation as there was no one around who could help. Whatever information I could gather from friends, magazines etc. about the Civil Services Examination were enough for me to commence the preparation.”

“I was attached to my goal emotionally and had full confidence in my abilities. I had made up my mind for making career in ‘Civil Services’ at an early stage - when I was in 10th standard. I had charted my steps carefully and these really gave me confidence that I can do it, she added.

Acknowledging that it was not that easy, she said “I knew that it is a tough competition; but, I set a benchmark for me that I wish to see my name in the merit-list. For that I really worked hard."

"No doubt, after knowing my result, I feel blessed and have satisfaction that I am able do it in my first attempt” said, confident Vandana.

Well done, Vandana! This result is indeed a morale booster for Hindi medium candidates and would be enough to inspire them.

Iaspassion.com wishes you ‘All the best’ in life!

On Saturday 11th May 2013     

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