High scoring optional subjects for IAS 2013

The pattern for Main Examination has changed that clearly indicate the curb on role of Optional Subject. In new environment, it is puzzle for many candidates as many subjects are being projected as ‘High Scoring’ that is attracting their attention.

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All the candidates aspiring for Civil Services Examination accept that it is a tough test and formulating preparation-plan is not easy. But, all agree that this examination opens door to big prospects hence, everyone trying to put in best efforts.

Despite the fact that role of optional subject has been cut, still each and every paper is important and each mark secured helps you in gaining edge over others.

As the human psychology is, everybody gaze at the shortest and the easiest route for success.

So, strategically, everyone considers the optional subjects that are known to be high scoring optional subjects. Most of the humanities subjects and some of the literature of languages available in the list of optional subjects are projected as ‘High Scoring’ optional subjects.

As the irony is, a lot of candidates follow herd mentality and buy different theories prevailing in the market that catch their attention. But, the real problem is ‘are some optional subjects really high scoring?’

This is a hypothetical question and if you ask me, I will say that all optional subjects are scoring and examiner does not show any bias towards any optional subject.

In past we have seen many candidates scoring high marks in almost all optional subjects and a score of 350+ (out of 600) has been a routine. Even, scores of 400+ have been spotted in many optional subjects.

It has been proven beyond doubt that it all depends on candidates’ performance in the examination. If your efforts match the standards and satisfy the examiner you will be rewarded good marks.

What to do in present scenario?
In new set-up, aim to get anything above 300 (out of 500) would be good enough; a score of 350+ would be considered a major feat.

Which optional subject can get you this kind of score? It is going to be your choice. After all, you have to value the necessities and if you have interest and needed outlook, then only, you can make out how the optional subject is to be dealt with.

Which ‘high scoring’ optional subject can fit in my plan?
It is not a ‘high scoring’ optional subject that will work for you; it is going to be your efforts that will make any optional subject ‘high scoring’.

Take a subject that you understand in and out and are aware of some special requirements attached to it.

Make sure it is of your interest and aptitude; so that you don’t get bored in reading it for long hours for months.

Until unless you are capable, don’t run after any new offering if appearing in Civil Services Examination 2013; take a rational decision as you will get limited time to prepare for optional subject since General Studies preparation is going to eat-up the maximum time.

Don’t show haste; take your time to decide and take final call after due consideration.

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