Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013 to commence from 1st December 2013, going to be 5 days affair

UPSC has announced the much awaited dates for Civil Services (Main) Examination which is slated to commence from 1st December 2013.
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New format for Main Examination will come to life with Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013 that would commence from 1st December 2013.

The duration of the examination is 5 days.

The candidates aspiring for Civil Services Examination 2013 gets little comfort with the news as candidates will get a little over 6 months after the Preliminary Examination that is scheduled for May 26 to prepare for Main examination 2013.

Do you feel time-crunch?
Some may have such feel but, if you are able to plan out well, you will be able to manage it in the given time. Looking at the needs, you should make a sincere attempt to cover it in stipulated time.

After all UPSC must have given due consideration for minimum time required to prepare and after that only they would have moved with such decision.

No doubt, the pattern for Main examination is new that requires a fresh approach and would necessitate constructive use of time.
As you have to care for compulsory language papers. Besides, you need to concentrate your efforts on Essay, four papers for General Studies and two papers for Optional subject.

Can we get some clues for preparation from the recent trends?
Now, General Studies has become the name of the game but, past trends don’t show encouraging outcome as General Studies scores have been mediocre for majority of the candidates.

So, candidates will have to shrug-off the habit of taking General Studies lightly. One needs to develop an effective study and learning strategy that takes care of their immediate requirement.

Essay paper preparation will more or less get covered with an effective preparation for General Studies.

And when it comes to make ‘only’ choice - for picking one optional subject; until unless you are really capable of managing, don’t commit mistake by choosing a completely new optional subject as it would add a lot of workload.

You have to effectively manage your time and that is the reason time and again I have been talking about the importance of your decision relating to optional subject selection.

Keep preparing and do your best to make your endeavour meaningful.


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