Are you eyeing top rank in first attempt that ensures post of ‘IAS’?

For all aspirants appearing for the first time in Civil Services Examination 2013 or planning to take a plunge in coming year/s there is a little spark ‘can I do it in first attempt’? There is noting wrong in it; you need to be optimistic and each year we come across number of such success-stories.

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‘Indian Administrative Service’ is top of mind and many capable candidates put in their best to achieve top ranks so that they don’t need to face this gruelling exam-plan again.

But, it is not that simple - you just imagined and you achieve in what is perceived to be the toughest exam-plan in the country.

Many candidates planning to appear for the first time in Civil Services Examination do so immediately after finishing there academics without realizing the exam-standard and examiner’s expectations. For beginners, it is difficult to understand the requirements and some of them look at this examination stage-wise.

As a matter of fact, you face such a stiff competition at the first stage of the examination that despite concentrating efforts on Preliminary Examination only, clearing two objective type questions papers becomes water-loo for many otherwise academic brilliant candidates.

What it requires?
For cracking Civil Services Examination in the very first attempt, you need to understand the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of the examination and only a focused hard-work would help you to emerge successful.

You need to acknowledge the set benchmarks and to face it effectively, you have to open up your mind for learning and attain the level that matches the examination yardstick.

Acquiring knowledge is not enough, you need to have grip over conventional as well as contemporary aspects of each topic listed in the syllabus. As has been witnessed, widely held perception among candidates relating to newspaper reading it that being abreast with the latest is the name of game. No doubt, it is; but, they mistake the fact and just keep on gathering latest information ignoring the basics. Conceptual clarity, application and inter-relation among the topics and across disciplines helps in comprehending the subject and facing the examination boldly.

There are many first attempt successes to inspire you!
In last 25 years, I have known and come across quite a number of successful candidates who achieved success in Civil Services Examination in the very first attempt and got a lot of media coverage. Govind Jaiswal (CSE 06 Rank-48), Muktanand Agarwal (CSE 07 Rank-33), Mukesh Kumar (CSE 08 Rank-36), Shah Faesal (CSE 09 Rank 1), Abhiram Shankar (CSE 2010, Rank- 4) are some of the highly talented candidates to name a few.

Why go far, in the recent result of Civil Services Examination 2011, we have 6 candidates among top 25 who accomplished the task in style in their first encounter. Be it Rukmani Riar, Prince Dhawan, Amrutesh, Neeraj, Nitika or Neha; each one comes from  different backgrounds, subject streams, educational levels and even diverse optional subjects but, all of them have one thing in common, all cracked this examination in their first attempt.

Do you want to emulate their success?
Getting inspired from toppers is good. You need to learn from their experience and try to look for some similarities (if exists) and points that can be included in your preparation strategy that helps you in putting up an exceptional performance.

In the beginning, self-analysis is a must. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses and answer few questions to self:

-    Are you capable?
-    Do you understand the examination level and the examiner’s expectations?
-    How much effort you need to put in before you say yes to the first attempt?
-    Are you completely devoted to the goal?
-    What is your level of preparedness?

Success is sweet; and to crack Civil Services Examination in very first attempt you require a focused hard work and maximum absorption of relevant knowledge and if you are able to follow the right advice, it is not impossible.

Wishing you luck!

Last Update Tuesday 5th June 2018     

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