With clarity emerging on changes in Civil Services (Main) Exam pattern; identify your challenges

The recent news of some modification in the new scheme for Civil Services (Main) Examination has at last cleared all doubts surrounding the minds of aspirants. Hope this will help in clearing the path and getting all related doubts out of aspirant's way.
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Fresh pattern for Main Examination, over and above some modifications create the setting that is little uncertain for the candidates planning to appear in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013.

Although a lot of clarity has emerged and almost all doubts surrounding the minds of aspirants have been cleared; still, limited time for preparation, and many more such apprehension surround the mind of the candidates.

But, it is time to move all fear to the side. Instead of confronting with the emerging situation, it is time of taking purposeful action with aim to achieve the goal.

Take purposeful action
The emerging scenario requires you to identify the challenges you are going to face in new environment.

By now, you must have observed the escalating role of General studies and Essay and thinning influence of optional subjects in the new format.

Some of you can think that these is no major change and almost all question papers have some resemblance with the outgoing pattern; but, don’t forget that reincarnation has some smart and radical changes that will necessitate newer strategies to counter the challenges these knit.

There is nothing that can be taken lightly
First, to talk about the compulsory papers; these are of qualifying nature; but, if complacency sets in, these can prove to be a bigger threat than “English Comprehension and English Précis” paper that just got scrapped. You need to be careful as in past also, many candidates have paid heavy penalty for taking these lightly.

Coming to Essay; the role of Essay paper has become significant and high marks scored in Essay have a major role to play in your success and rank.

Now, General Studies is going to be game changer
With four (4) General Studies papers having weightage of 1000 marks you have a big task in hand. In new format for Main Examination, the General Studies will prove to be the decider.

The first three papers I, II and III are more or less extension of the previous General Studies syllabus with some new additions. Paper IV is fresh initiative to test candidates psychologically.

There is greater clarity and less ambiguity as syllabus majorly defines topics and realm each paper has. Having a strong foundation is very essential in facing fresh challenges. Think about it seriously while preparing for all the topics domain of General Studies covers; and conceptual clarity with updated knowledge would help you in facing these effectively.

Once that is taken care off, every thing else will look easy and as you advance, you will have better understanding and a stronger grip over the topics you read.

Optional Subjects have a side role to play
The game-changer in erstwhile pattern Optional subject has a limited but, again a vital role to play. The existence of optional subject has given a new life to a large number of candidates who were indulged in preparation for quite some time.

However, the task of choosing the optional subject is going to be tougher and the basis of choosing optional subjects will change in new environment.

A shrewd strategy to pick the right optional can lend a hand in your success and honest efforts to prepare it would divulge the secret your ‘smart choice’ plays.

Don’t be afraid, participate in examination with open mind
The experts who track this examination closely and folks who are aware of examination standard and examiner’s expectation will agree with me that the big prospects awaits you as the changes always bring newer opportunities.

The first stage Preliminary Examination has nothing new and most of the candidates would have been preparing for it diligently. Right now, this should be on top-of-mind as your good performance only will get you ticket to next stage – Main Examination.

This is an open competition and only a few among those who show the courage to appear in examination would figure in the final list of successful candidates who will accomplish their goal of life – career in IAS.

All the best!

Last Update Saturday 23rd March 2013     

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