Some modifications in the new scheme for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013; divisive English Paper goes

Addressing to the concerns shown, Government has taken a re-look on some aspects of new pattern for Civil Services (Main) Examination that was notified on March 5, 2013.
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The saga of changes introduced for Civil Services (Main) Examination is now, almost resolved. Some aspects in new scheme raised a nation-wide outcry which forced Government to look into the matter and after consultation with concerned agencies; some of the controversial aspects have been proposed for rolled back.

As per the statement of Minister of State for Personnel V Narayanasamy in Loksabha on March 21, 2013 it has been decided to drop the newly-added ‘English Comprehension and English Précis’ paper (100 marks) and the two qualifying papers of 300 marks each in any Modern Indian Language and in English have been restored.

The Essay Paper will now be of 250 marks and candidates would be allowed to write Essay in the medium/language of their choice.

It has been decided that a candidate will be allowed to use any one regional language from the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India or English as the medium of writing the examination as before.

Giving a great relief to candidates with vernacular languages, condition of a minimum of 25 candidates in that language-medium has been removed. Besides, the requirement to have that language as the medium of examination at graduation level is also proposed to be dropped.

Even, the condition of having his/her graduation in that language's literature for choosing literature of languages as optional subject is anticipated to be scrapped. Now, as before, a candidate will be allowed to take up literature of languages as his/her optional subject (to be chosen from a list of 23 literature subjects - 22 of the 8th Schedule languages and English) without the conditionality.

Official communication by UPSC is expected soon about these changes; that would end almost all apprehensions and all the aspirants would continue preparations without any doubt.

Last Update Thursday 21st March 2013     

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