Aiming Preliminary Examination 2013; Lots of challenges to face…

The notification for Civil Services Examination 2013 got delayed by almost a month; the Preliminary Examination has been deferred by a week to May 26, 2013; in such a situation crossing the first hurdle is a big challenge.

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There is curiosity around to know the changes introduced with new-format Civil Services Examination 2013 and many candidates are keen to identify the emerging needs relating to Main Examination.

With new-format for Main Examination is in place now, UPSC has signaled that candidates with suitable aptitude would be able to move ahead and understanding of complete exam-plan is essential.

In such scenario, right now, Preliminary Examination may not get the value it deserves.

Is cracking Preliminary Examination easy?
The scheme of Preliminary Examination is two-years old and the majority of the candidates feel that it has more or less stabilized and they have understood the trick of trade.

Agreed, in last two years, the pattern of question papers remained relatively similar and the candidates who worked hard and prepared diligently for Preliminary Examination were able to crack these.

Although, it has become relatively easier for the candidates with competence, having intelligence as well as capacity to face such aptitude-based tests; still, I would hesitate to accept that situation is stable and Prelims has become predictable.

Competition is stiff
Moreover, this year, Preliminary Examination has assumed greater significance as this was only certain area that almost all candidates were preparing while waiting for new scheme for Main Examination.

So, competition is somewhat stiffer than what it was on earlier occasions.

You should give due importance to Preliminary Examination that it deserves and at any cost do not neglect it in name of walking around to decode newer requirements.

Lots of challenges to face…
With limited time in hand, a new format for Main Examination to confront and a short-term goal to clear the first hurdle – Preliminary Examination; you are surrounded by such a trap that only a well planned approach can help you get some positive outcome.

Remember, all the candidates are to face the new-format Main Examination and you will have almost 6 months after Preliminary Examination for Main Examination preparation.

Don’t fall in to trap of selecting optional subject for Main Examination right away; once you understand the exam-plan, you will have enough time to do that in coming weeks.

What should you do?
First of all, remove all apprehension, if you have any, before you chart your strategies.

More than anything else, Preliminary Examination is all about presence of mind and common sense. Having knowledge and awareness is good but, understanding and conceptual clarity is magical in handling multiple-choice timed tests.

The only thing that will be supportive in tackling question papers is ‘Practice’ as it evaluates your preparedness; analyze your strengths and weaknesses, makes you responsive to real examination pressures and above all, helps you build speed with accuracy.

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