Optional Subjects: Medium of writing examination in Main Exam 2011 - English

English has been the most favorite medium of writing Civil Services (Main) Examination. The following table gives indication about preferred choice of optional subject in English medium in Civil Services in (Main) Examination 2011.


As per the exam-plan, till Civil Services (Main) Examination 2012, a candidate had to opt for 2 optional subjects of his/her choice from the list of given subjects from humanities, science, engineering, medical science and many literature of languages (Indian & Foreign).

A glance at Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011 data pertaining to the number of candidates appeared with medium of writing examination in Paper I, of the subjects given, you get a feel about the candidate’s preference for English medium in Main Examination.

With increase in number of candidates with English medium reaching the Main Examination, most of the popular optional subjects have seen big jump in number of candidates opt such optional subjects.

Public Administration continued to attract the maximum candidates (5450) followed by Geography (3357). Sociology with 1885 candidates is their third choice. While Psychology (1315) takes the forth spot.

The most emphatic entrance in this list is Management with 242 candidates whereas in Main Examination 2010 there were only 34 candidates who picked up Management as optional subject. This go on to show the impact of new Preliminary Examination scheme which helped professionally qualified candidates to make their presence felt. 

Looking at the decline in number of candidates appearing with optional subjects like Botany, Commerce & Accountancy, Economics, Law and Zoology comparing the figure with Main Examination 2010, it seems that lure of best performing optional subjects like Public Administration, Geography and Sociology has impacted the fortunes of some optional subjects like these.

Optional subjects picked up in English medium in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011

Optional Subjects Number of Candidates
(More than 100 candidates appeared in Paper I)

Appeared with

English Medium

Agriculture 126    122 96.8
Anthropology    451 420 93.1
Botany 124 110 88.7
Chemistry 106 95 89.6
Commerce & Accountancy 224 208 92.9
Economics 324 282 87
Electrical Engineering 155 153 98.7
Geography 3992 3357 84.1
History 1720 948 55.1
Law 216 191 88.4
Management 242 240 99.2
Mathematics 304 282 92.8
Medical Science 201 200 99.5
Philosophy 878 369 42
Physics 299 296 99
Political Science & International Relations 846 641 75.8
Psychology 1324 1315 99.3
Public Administration 6132 5450 88.9
Sociology 2094 1885 90
Zoology 253 234 92.5

The other important observation is that despite the total number of candidates appearing with optional subjects like History, Political Science & International Relations and Philosophy has seen huge decline but, number of candidates appearing with these optional subjects with English medium has increased.

Likewise, optional subjects such as Geography, Public Administration and Sociology that have registered increase in total number of candidates appearing with these and which were very popular among Hindi medium candidates also; even with them the percentage of candidates appearing with English medium has gone up.

This could be attributed to the fact that in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011, there was comparatively lesser representation of Hindi medium candidates that impacted the pendulum tilting in favour of English.

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