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iaspassion.com congratulates all successful candidates for their amazing success. All deserve appreciation and admiration for their efforts which produced positive results. The successful candidates, specially the IAS toppers are always a source of inspiration and youngsters are eager to know their strategies, preparation-plan and study material which they refer to. We, at iaspassion.com keep on gathering information about the success-plan/details about many such successes and present here so that their experiences can be useful for future aspirants.

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    Ajay Katesaria

     Rank:  28
    CSE  2011
     Profile Viewed:  10502 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 72
    General Studies 600 275 (145 + 145)
    Law 600 313 (122 + 191)
    Political Science and International Relations 600 361 (164 + 197)
    Total (Written) 2000 1021
    Interview 300 210
    Total 2300 1231 (53.52%)

    Optional Subjects

    I strongly feel that interest should the only criterion. At least I followed the same. Further one should try to keep his Parent Subject.

    Optional Subject 1: LAW
    Optional Subject 2: Political Science & International Relations

    Interest was the major consideration for selection of both subjects. I kept the same optional subjects in all my attempts.

    Success Plan

    Internet proved to be the best source for preparation and having faith in 'Karma' foundation of success. Now in the world of Internet gathering information and advice is not too difficult. I used Internet for my benefit. One can also find seniors on-net to gather advice.

    I was already appearing. Change in Prelims pattern isn’t a big matter. Paper-1 is same and Paper-2 is class 10 level. So no issues were involved.

    I appeared for Interview last year too and was waiting for results. So could start preparation late. I had faith in UPSC that the Paper will be for all and wont be much difficult. So I only solved previous year papers of few exams like MAT, CDS, CPF, SSC etc.

    Number of Attempts
    Achieved success in 3rd attempt.

    In earlier attempts, father's ailment and eventually his death impeded the chances of success where missed selection by hair thin margin on both occasions.

    'Time Management'
    Time management is crucial. Being a businessman I already had habit of managing time. Thus this aspect was never a problem. I always managed to finish in time.

    Secret of success
    Bhagvada Gita is the source of my inspiration and success. I will recommend all aspirants to read Gita once or at least watch 72, 73 and 74th Episode from B.R Chopra Mahabharat where Gita Saar has been explained beautifully.

    Calendar reform, Dispute Resolution, Street Food


    Approach towards Paper I (General Studies) and Paper II (Aptitude Test)
    I didn’t do any special preparation for PT exam in my 2nd and 3rd attempts. If you are regular reader of Current Affairs, Newspapers, Government Reports than no special preparation for PT is required.

    Paper II (Aptitude Test)
    I didn’t draw any special strategy. Further I had faith in my aptitude abilities and the Paper too turned out to be Class 10 level which was not a problem. UPSC did indeed take care of all sections in the Paper.

    ‘Negative Marking’
    Go with Probability rule. If one is 50% confident of a question he should go head and attempt the question. I followed the same rule as negative marking is 33%.


    The strategy should be constant enrichment. One should try to add value and move ahead in quality rather than reading same things again and again.


    No. I never received good marks in Essay. So wont advice on Essay.

    I chose "Creation of smaller states and the consequent administrative , economic and developmental implication" topic. It was interesting relevant to my optional subject Political Science.


    I joined ALS program for Interview and also gave 2 mocks. I focused more on remaining cool, calm and confident during interview. After-all it is more a personality test than an interview.

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