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Gujarati – Optional Main Examination of Civil Services Exam


Answers must be written in Gujarati


Gujarati Language : Form and history

1. History of Gujarati Language with special reference to New Indo-Aryan i.e. last one thousand years.

2. Significant features of the Gujarati language: Phonology, morphology and syntax.

3. Major dialects: Surti, Pattani, charotari and Saurashtri.

History of Gujarati Literature

Medieval :
4. Jaina tradition
5. Bhakti tradition: Sagun and Nirgun (Jnanmargi)
6. Non-sectarian tradition (Laukik parampara)

7. Sudharak yug
8. Pandit yug
9. Gandhi yug
10. Anu-Gandhi yug
11. Adhunik yug


Literary Forms : (Salient features, history and development of the following literary forms):

(a) Medieval
1. Narratives: Rasa, Akhyan and Padyavarta
2. Lyrical: Pada

(b) Folk
3. Bhavai

(c) Modern
4. Fiction: Novel and short story
5. Drama
6. Literary Essay
7. Lyrical Poetry

(d) Criticism
8. History of theoretical Gujarati criticism
9. Recent research in folk tradition


Answers must be written in Gujarati
The paper will reqire first hand reading of the texts prescribed and will be designed to test the critical ability of the candidate.


1. Medieval
(i) Vasantvilas phagu-Ajnatkrut
(ii) Kadambari-Bhalan
(iii) Sudamacharitra-Premanand
(iv) Chandrachandravatini varta-Shamal
(v) Akhegeeta-Akho

2. Sudharakyug & Pandityug
(vi) Mari Hakikat-Narmadashankar Dave
(vii) Farbasveerah- Dalpatram
(viii) Saraswatichandra-Part-I Govar-dhanram Tripathi
(ix) Purvalap- 'Kant' (Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt)
(x) Raino Parvat-Ramanbhai Neel-kanth


1. Gandhiyug & Anu Gandhiyug
(i) Hind Swaraj-Mohandas Kar-machand Gandhi
(ii) Patanni Prabhuta- Kanhaiyalal Munshi
(iii) Kavyani Shakti- Ramnarayan Vish-wanath Pathak
(iv) Saurashtrani Rasdhar Part 1- Zaver-chand Meghani
(v) Manvini Bhavai-Pannalal Patel
(vi) Dhvani-Rajendra Shah

2. Adhunik yug
(vii) Saptapadi-Umashankar Joshi
(viii) Janantike- Suresh Joshi
(ix) Ashwatthama- Sitanshu Yash-aschandra


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