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    Mangesh Kumar

     Rank:  4
    CSE  2011
     Profile Viewed:  46041 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 106
    General Studies 600 259 (0 + 0)
    Geography 600 385 (0 + 0)
    Physics 600 365 (0 + 0)
    Total (Written) 2000 1115
    Interview 300 204
    Total 2300 1319 (57.35%)

    Optional Subjects

    The choice of optional subjects depends on many factors. Firstly I think your interest plays important role. Choose subjects according to your interest. Secondly your educational background, the subjects you studied in graduation may be chosen. Then comes the availability of guidance and study material. All these factors must be taken into account.

    Optional Subject 1: Physics

    Optional Subject 2: Geography

    Physics is my subject of graduation and post graduation, so I was comfortable in the subject. Geography is the subject which I loved from my school days. So I felt no hesitation in choosing the optional subjects.

    I kept the same optional subjects in both my attempts.

    Success Plan

    When I was in class 10th, my tauji (uncle) Sri M.P. Ghildiyal ji inspired me for civil services and during those days I realized the importance of Civil Services. And when I was scientist in DRDO I started preparing for civil Services.

    I got influenced by IAS toppers and pick up inspiration from their dedication and hard work. I feel indebted to Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2011) whose success story kept motivated all through this journey to success.

    Getting the right advice in the beginning is really crucial and play an important role in deciding success in CSE. In this regard my friends Hirendra and Aditya helped me to be acquainted with the CSE related requirements. Also Sri Rajesh Negi sir and Sri G.S. Rawat sir suggested right things.

    Number of Attempts
    This success came in 2nd attempt. In first attempt secured 131st Rank in CSE 2010 and got IPS and is undergoing training at National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

    I had fixed target of achieving success in first attempt. But, in last attempt I could not give sufficient time to my optional subjects in my preparation.

    'Time Management'
    Time management was a real challenge for me from my initial days of preparation because I was working in DRDO as a scientist, but I choose the way of selected study. During preparation I focused more on important topics and did not try to study too much but whatever I studied I revised it many times and made my grip strong over the topics.

    Secret of success
    Firm determination, continuous hard work and effective time management are the secrets of my success.

    Playing Cricket and listening and singing songs


    Preliminary Examination - New Pattern
    The basic idea of exam was cleared by UPSC in advance with some sample questions. So I practiced a lot taking base of those questions. This new pattern requires a lot of practice of each and every section.

    Paper II (Aptitude Test)
    This is a good step by UPSC. This will really change the quality of Indian civil services. The basic plan for this paper is to practice as much as possible, so that speed of solving questions may be enhanced.

    ‘Negative Marking’
    To tackle negative marking try to attempt the questions in which you are confident. Never try to take risky chances.

    Approach for Preliminary Examination 2011 in new format
    This was a real challenge because nothing was predictable. But focusing more on quantitative analysis, logical reasoning and comprehension skills and solving as much problems helped a lot to score good in this paper.

    For  GS :

    • Read a news paper  and a monthly magazine regularly,
    • Be factual in your study
    • Try to study with preparing your own notes.

    For  CSAT :

    • Practice as much as possible.
    • Focus on comprehension skills in a big way.
    • Solve as many problems of quantitative analysis and logical reasoning.


    The strategy for mains is entirely different from preliminary examination. The preparation for mains consists of analytical approach.

    Time management, writing practice and continuous revision are some of the practices which should be adopted in mains examination.


    I never prepared specially for essay paper. Continuous study of news paper editorials, magazines, social issues automatically take care of essay paper.

    I picked the topic '

    Creation of smaller states and the consequent administrative, economic and developmental implications' for writing Essay.


    Civil Services Examination interview is the test of one’s personality. Being an IPS officer trainee I prepared a lot of questions regarding policing in India.

    I also prepared general information about my state, my educational background, my previous employment and my hobbies.
    Date of my interview: 26th March
    Interview Board: Alka Sirohi Madam

    Interview Questions

    Board asked me questions on various issues regarding my colleges, state and policing etc. It lasted for 40 minutes.

    Some of questions are:

    • What is Prayag?
    • Arrange all the Prayags of Uttarakhand from north to south along with rivers there?
    • Applications of laser in medicine?
    • Some questions regarding my previous job.
    • What will you do to improve the image of police?
    • How will you implement community policing?
    • What will you do to improve the housing and training of your subordinates?
    • What are the qualities of a leader?
    • Should a policeman keep the weapon with him?

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