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iaspassion.com congratulates all successful candidates for their amazing success. All deserve appreciation and admiration for their efforts which produced positive results. The successful candidates, specially the IAS toppers are always a source of inspiration and youngsters are eager to know their strategies, preparation-plan and study material which they refer to. We, at iaspassion.com keep on gathering information about the success-plan/details about many such successes and present here so that their experiences can be useful for future aspirants.

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     Rank:  10
    CSE  2010
     Profile Viewed:  25954 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 116
    General Studies 600 256 (158 + 158)
    Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science 600 346 (183 + 163)
    Zoology 600 404 (171 + 233)
    Total (Written) 2000 1122
    Interview 300 180
    Total 2300 1302 (56.61%)

    Optional Subjects

    Prelims: Zoology
    Mains: Zoology & Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science

    I took Zoology as it had similarity in syllabus with Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science – My graduation subject

    Ones interest, Scoring pattern, ease of availability of study materials and Syllabus matter a lot. Background in the subject isn’t that important.

    Success Plan

    IAS - Bihar Cadre

    I never thought I would ever write this exam though some where deep down inside I did had an instinct to serve the society in a better way. The day I got the conviction I left  a well paying private job to take on the exam.

    Though the realization came very late when a close friend of mine got selected in to IFoS. When I started I was left with just two attempts at hand. Now when I reflect back I realize it was a tough decision to take.

    Success story of my friend was enough to activate me. Yes of course reading about other successful students did give me some confidence.

    Number of Attempts

    It was my second attempt. But I had done fairly well in my first attempt but as I had low score in Essay and Zoology papers I was out of the race. In my second and last attempt I slogged a lot for the exam and cracked it.

    I had written IFoS exam as well in which I secured 23rd rank as well.

    'Time Management'
    During preparation I planned my week in advance and had set weekly targets for me to achieve. I kept a tab on my planner and followed it meticulously.

    In exams I made sure I attempted all questions for which I knew even little bit. I never bluffed in questions I didn’t know anything at all. This saved me a lot of time for other good questions.

    Secret of success
    Perseverance, Strong resolve, sincere effort and most importantly my family and friends 


    Since GS happens to be a vast subject any amount of work is less. So I pegged more on my Optional for scores.

    For GS I followed Vajiram notes and some standard magazines and newspapers. Ratio of time allotment wasn’t fixed as of. It kept changing depending on need. But the major share did go to my optional subject - Zoology.

    ‘Negative Marking’
    I attempted only those questions I was sure of. My target was to do somewhere around 75% net correct questions.

    The questions being tricky they offer you a lot of pitfalls so it is better to avoid such questions. I believed in accuracy and speed rather than attempting large number of questions.


    There isn’t any incentive for choosing a tough topic or uncommon topic in Essay paper.

    I learnt it hard way. So I chose a simpler topic in my 2nd attempt and wrote it well. The idea is not to deviate much from the topic rather sticking around the central theme.


    I focused more on current issues. Revised newspaper for last 6 months. Did a post mortem of my Biodata form and generated probable questions. Discussed with my other friends a lot on current issues. Watched NDTV, TIMES NOW and LOKSABHA TV a lot.

    I faced Mr. Vijay Singh Board. The interview was quite cordial and went on well which lasted for 20 minutes only.

    Interview Questions

    The questions mainly related to my past job responsibilities, Zoonotic diseases aspect, RTI, my shift from veterinary doctor to management graduate to finally choosing civil services etc.

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